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 Could this be the future of Little House ?

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Charles Angles
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PostSubject: Could this be the future of Little House ?   Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:19 am

Ok, we all appreciate the gift of the episodes of Little House.....especially the excitement of the releases on Blu-ray.  Note doubt we all have commonality of what brings us here, and how Little House makes our emotions surface to the top. Nothing will ever take that away from us.  
   But what about future technology?  Someday, could it be, that we will be able to program a computer with all the information from each character, derived from every episode?.....In which their looks,voices, physical movements, personality traits, moods etc.....would be perfectly intertwined.
   The computer could thus be instructed to use all of these learned elements and incorporate them into NEW episodes. Even going to the point of knowing the intimate feelings of each character and how they would react to new situations.....but still in the environment of the old Walnut Grove.  
   And we fans could play a more active role in the episodes.  All we'd need to do, is to come up with a theme or title of each episode.  Then, based upon the computer's vast knowledge of each character,plus the episode THEME.....a new episode would be created for our enjoyment. The possibilities would be endless !
   Again, nothing would be taken away from us.....OR changed.  We'd have the old plus the new !
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Could this be the future of Little House ?
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