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 Carrie's Crush (revised)

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PostSubject: Carrie's Crush (revised)   Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:15 am

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the rights to Little House on the Prairie, and the characters.

                                                                                 Carrie's Crush

             Carrie Ingalls, a 12 year old young lady with stabbing blue eyes, gorgeous brown hair in braids, and a bubbly personality. She has four sisters; Laura whose a school teacher at Walnut Grove, and married to Almanzo Wilder. Mary, who lost her sight at age 15 and is married to Adam Kendall who was blind and regained his sight. Grace, who is the youngest out of the Ingalls family. Cassandra, who was adopted along with her brother James when their biological parents lost their lives in a wagon accident. Two brothers; Albert who was adopted first when the Ingalls stayed at Winoka temporarily and, he is studying to be a doctor. James, who is also adopted along with his sister Cassandra.

Carrie's parents; Charles who works at Hanson's Mill and sometimes goes to Mankato or Sleepy Eye to pick up deliveries. Caroline, who is employed at the restaurant where Nellie Oleson worked.

        On the first day of school, the Ingalls kids were walking to school and, Laura rings the bell to gather the students to start the day. Everyone seated and, a young man standing in the back. "You can come up here and see me, young man," orders Mrs. Wilder. The young man walked up to her desk, and he is about Carrie's age. "James Wilson, you have an excellent transcript and reading and writing are your favorite subjects," Mrs. Wilder comments on his transcript and, James replies, "Yes ma'am, I can also draw too," and Mrs. Wilder signs James in her attendance book. Finally, she ask the class to say; "Welcome James" and the class gave a respectable welcome to him. "James, I want you to take a seat next to Carrie." James said to Mrs. Wilder, "Yes ma'am" then, he takes his seat.

           James, takes his seat then, the school day begins. Nancy Oleson, whose adopted by the Olesons was asked to read from her book and, her brother Willie who was always sent to the corner for disrupting the class. Nancy, reads and the rest of the students are reading along called Animals of the Wild. After she completed her reading, James was asked to read a section and, he got up and read where she had left off.

          Carrie, along with the other students reading but, she started to smile to herself because, she would know what a good reader James is. Sometime, the students would like to see that a talent artist James is as well.

             After their reading period ended, their next is math which is division. Carrie, has a rough time learning so, James decided to help her how answer them correctly. But, Mrs. Wilder has written the problems on the blackboard and asked four students to come up and solve them. The four students, Richard, Albert, Nancy, and James have been called up to solve the problems and, the remaining students watch them. In fact, James started becoming a whiz on Math by taking his time not to rush through. Finally, the students have completed the problems and, Mrs. Wilder asked the students to return to their seats.

         As the Math period concluded, the students are dismissed for recess/lunch. James asks Carrie, "Is it okay, to have lunch with you?" Carrie answers, "Sure". Carrie and James sits on a log to have lunch and, another girl sits with them and he says, "Hello there, what's your name?" the girl answers, "Cassandra, you must be the new student, who was sitting with my sister," so James didn't waste no time to reply, "Yes indeed, she is very nice and she is certainly pretty with the braids and you are as well," Cassandra, thanked James for his compliment. The three of them, proceeded to eat their lunch and, James begins to talk to Carrie about, when he lived in Wyoming. His mother is a stay at home mother, and his father is a blacksmith.

            Carrie said to James, "Wyoming, is a long way from Walnut Grove and, this is a great town you'll love it." James replies, "I sure will along with my Ma and Pa," James asks, "What does your Ma and Pa do?" Carrie answers, "My Pa, works at the Mill and my Ma works at the restaurant up the block, and our teacher is my sister Laura, she attended school here," James, started to compliment on her, "She is a fantastic teacher, and I bet she was a great student," Carrie thanked him and, she introduced her brothers to him. James told James Ingalls, "My name is James as well, too" so the two has completed their acquaintance. Albert, shook James' hand and talked a little and they would play baseball sometime.

              Suddenly, Mrs. Wilder rings the bell for the students to return to class. Their last two subjects, Spelling and History. While looking at their spelling words, Carrie started to look at James. After he looked at his words, he turns his head at her and, she smiled at him. To her delight, he smiled back at her. It's starting to show, that she is beginning to have a crush on the new student because, of his excellency. The two and the rest of the students, are continuing their studies until it's time to go back home.

              When 3 pm approached, Mrs. Wilder dismissed the class for the day. The students, exited the school and James and Carrie walked out together. "Did you have a good day?" she asked. "I certainly did have good day and, my first day is good as well," Carrie replied, "I'm glad you did, I'll see you in school tomorrow, James," he shook her hand, and he replies, "I will see ya, and the rest of you Ingalls folks tomorrow," Finally, Carrie walked with Cassandra, Albert and James back home and, they've all enjoyed their first day of school.

               While having dinner, Carrie was telling Pa about James Wilson who attended and his excellencies. "Pa, James is an excellent student, he reads well, draws, and he is a nice boy," Carrie said to Pa. "That's really good, to meet a boy that is smart and, I would like to meet James someday," Pa replied. Carrie said to him, "You will Pa, you would see his drawings someday but, he hasn't started them yet."

               For several weeks, Carrie had been thinking about James during her free time so, one day at recess she asks, "You seem like a nice person and, I would like to invite you for supper tonight," James answers, "Sure, I would like that you seem to be a nice girl, along with your brothers and sisters," So, she gave him the time to come over and, he said that it will be fine.

              That night, James came over to the Ingalls home and, he sits between Carrie and Cassandra. Caroline, made roast with mashed potatoes, green beans and, biscuits. Everyone, is enjoying their supper. James comments to Caroline, "Mrs. Ingalls, your cooking is excellent," Caroline replied, "Thank you very much James, you can come over anytime you like," James answers, "Certainly, I can help Carrie and Cassandra with their homework, and Albert and James would help each other,"
Finally, James wished that he would stay more so, they have school the next day. Carrie walked James out and, he said, "You have a great family, and your mother is a great cook," Carrie replies, "Thank you, my Pa is a good man and in a couple of weeks is the school dance, would you take me?" James, answers with joy, "Of course I will". They said good night, and he gives Carrie a hug.

            When the night of the dance came, Carrie decided to wear her Sunday dress and light blue ribbons on her braids. When James came to the house, he gives her a flower to show what a nice boy he is. Caroline, puts the flower in the vase and, the two walked out hand in hand and, James, Albert and Cassandra went along.

            At the dance, everyone is having a good time. Not only to dance, there was a dance contest. The couples signed up, and Carrie and James are couple #5 they've attached the numbers on their backs. As the contest started, everyone dances cleanly until Nancy Oleson is about to trip Cassandra and her partner so, she was issued with a warning.

Albert and his partner, are dancing good along with the others. James and Carrie, are excelling dance and Nancy, is about to trip Cassandra again. Now, Nancy had been disqualified, from the contest and finally, it ended. Laura, came up with the top three in third place was Jenny and Ronald, second place Cassandra and Luis, and the champs Carrie and James. Tears of joy, when tears flowed down Carrie's smooth gorgeous face, when she clenched the first trophy in her hands. James, took a handkerchief out of his pocket and, wipes the tears from her face and, gives her a hug.

                He takes her to the refreshment table, takes four cookies and two cups of punch. He gives two of the cookies and the punch to Carrie, and he asks her, "Did your parents, ever dance?" She answers, "Yes, when they were kids and, every once in a while now," James, tells her about his parents the same thing and, she was delighted about it.

                As the night ended, James takes Carrie's hand and takes the trophy with him. Albert, James and Cassandra followed suit. The five of them talked, joked, and even laughed. As they arrived at the house, James opens the door for Carrie and her brothers and sister. James, puts the trophy onto the table and Charles looked at it and said, "First prize, you seem to be an excellent dancer." James replied, "I certainly am and, Carrie is a good dancer so, we won the contest," Charles says, "Well congratulations," James replied, "Thank you very much, Mr. Ingalls Carrie can keep the trophy and, I split the prize money with her it's $10 each and, she keeps the coupon." Charles, will put the trophy on the mantle and, Caroline was overjoyed about Carrie winning the contest with James. Caroline, was so proud and Grace was already in bed. After all the talk ended, Carrie walked James out. She thanked him for taking her to the dance, and before he left, she kissed him on the cheek and, he kissed her back.

                 One day in school, James brought a few drawings and shows them to Mrs. Wilder and, she liked them. He passes them around to the class and, they love his pictures, including Carrie. At lunch/recess, James said to Carrie that he would draw a picture of her and, she would like that. That same day, when the school day ended, Carrie, James and the rest of the Ingalls gang went to the house. James, showed his pictures to Charles and Caroline and they liked them.

              Carrie's relationship with James, had flourished from day one and, they liked each other. One Saturday, they had their first date is going to the restaurant to have pan fried steak and a piece of blueberry pie. The date, was a success and they never argued or complained.

             Carrie had a good experience on having a crush on someone, because of talent, trustworthy, and thoughtfulness. She will keep James, in her thoughts along with the pictures he had drawn, etc. He told her that him, his Ma and Pa decided to stay in Walnut Grove. The family and the Ingalls have dinner with each other occasionally and even spend holidays with each and everyone.

            Now, that her crush became her boyfriend and, they excel great in school, along with the other students. She would continue to think about James, during her free times and especially what they'll do down the road.

                                                                                        THE END

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Carrie's Crush (revised)
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