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 Carrie and James' Letters

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PostSubject: Carrie and James' Letters   Carrie and James' Letters EmptyWed Mar 02, 2016 4:58 pm

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything on the TV Series or Books of "Little House on the Prairie" also, the characters

Carrie's Letter
Dear James,

These past few months, were just wonderful and I really liked your drawings that you have shared to the class and my family.

You are a great person, to get along with and cared for. Albert, is a great brother along with my other James. Cassandra, is a fun person to play with and especially to get along with as well. Grace, is a shy person but, she warms up first to meet new people.

I really appreciated your help with my homework, and I start to improve well on my school work. Laura, is a great teacher and, she also appreciated our teamwork together in school.

The Spring dance contest is coming shortly, would you like to take me? I hope you write me back.

Your Friend,

James' Letter
Dear Carrie,

Thank you, for your kind words of your letter. Yes, I will take you to the Spring dance contest, and we would walk out as winners!

You are a beautiful person, and I love the braids on ya which are outta sight. You have a fantastic family, and your Pa is great and, your Ma is a great cook.

Sometime, I would invite you to my Ma and Pa for supper if it's ok with your parents.

Well, that's all for now.

Your Friend,
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Carrie and James' Letters
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