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 "A Bittersweet Reunion"

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PostSubject: "A Bittersweet Reunion"    Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:15 pm

As Mary reached out and clasped Ms. Peele’s hand, it looked to her as though Ms. Peele stood in a beam of brilliant white light, while everything about her was dark.

Just her mind playing tricks on her, Mary thought. Ms. Peele had finally come around and was going to take the chance she’d been given to redeem herself, and the light was shining down on her now. It never occurred to Mary that everything in her peripheral vision really did look darker these days, and that it wasn’t an illusion. Now, while all about. the congregation sang “Jesus Loves Me,” Mary’s eyes looked unfocused; almost as though she were in a trance.

It was a gray gloomy day as she and Pa rode back to Walnut Grove. Because of this, Mary didn’t care much about the fact that things in the distance were hard to make out Still, she chided herself for not wearing her glasses these past couple weeks while on her teaching assigment. Of course, she’d worn them for grading papers, but that was late at night at the Fishers’ house. She really should’ve worn them during the day since that did involve some reading as well. Her eyes felt tired now. Or course, she’d been so preoccupied with this whole ordeal with Ms. Peele that if there had been any change in her lately, she hadn’t given it much thought.
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"A Bittersweet Reunion"
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