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 Sylvia Strikes Back!

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PostSubject: Sylvia Strikes Back!    Sylvia Strikes Back!  EmptyMon Oct 24, 2016 5:03 am

Chapter 1

Sylvia Strikes Back


A nice sunny day in Walnut Grove Minnesota

A group of wagons and horses sit by the school/church in the center of town.

Inside the church the pews are filled with many of the town's people but this is not a service today of Tuesday.

The people are waiting, as this is a trial. A trial of a citizen of their community who is waiting for a verdict and the sentence for a horrible crime this citizen has committed.

Seated with his attorney, the town blacksmith Irv Hartwig is waiting for the Judge who was sent for by telegram from the court from Sleepy Eye by the head of the town council Nels Oleson to hear the verdict.

Seated in back of the defendant is many of the town, The Olesons, The Daltons, The Wilders, Dr. Baker, Reverend Alden, Caroline Ingalls, Mrs. Foster. as well as others who live outside the town.

Seated on the other side of the defendant. The young woman who has endured having to testify against the monster who had stolen her childhood, leaving her almost traumatized, formally pregnant. However, she is flanked by her father and the young man who both managed to convince her to bravely stand up and bring that man to justice.

Sylvia Webb

She turns and looks at her attacker, at first she would be frightened, but now she looks at him with fire and disgust and looks away angrily. She is proud she did the right thing. Now the jury will deliver the verdict and the judge will deliver the sentence. Her hand squeezes Albert Ingalls' hand who is seated next to her.

Albert (Sylvia's beau) turns to see her as he feels the tightness of her hand squeezing his. He understands and holds on to it. He will never forget how he was instrumental in saving her and managing to prevent Hartwig from hurting her again.

Sylvia's father Hector Webb holds his daughter as he looks into the eyes of the man accused of molesting her, impregnating her and causing her much shame. If anything, Hector Webb wanted to kill Hartwig for what he did to his daughter. However, the convincing of Charles Ingalls (Albert's Father) which allowed him to hold back so proper justice can be served. Hector turns away from the disgusting man and his lawyer back to his daughter and looks at her. He is proud of her bravery in testifying against her rapist.

He hopes that this will bring closure to the matter and that his daughter can move on with her life. However, Hector after a lot of thought has decided that after this matter is done. He will tell his daughter something very important . He will allow his daughter Sylvia to marry Albert. Hector thinks this will be the best thing to do in order to atone on how he treated his daughter after she was attacked. Although, she and Albert are young, he thinks this will make the couple happy. Hector earlier spoke of the matter to Charles and Caroline and they approved of their son's marriage to his daughter as well, so the couple can finally find and have happiness.

All three agreed to tell the young couple after the trial.

Albert again looks at Hartwig who still had the scars from the confrontation at the old Atkins place a couple of weeks back. The cut which Sylvia had hit him in the face with a stick and the bandage on his head which Albert grabbed a stick of his own and hit Hartwig with all of his might in the head as he climbed up the ladder after Sylvia, knocking the rapist out cold. Albert remembers as his mind goes back to that day.

Sylvia begins climbing up the old ladder when Hartwig blocks the doorway. Hartwig walks over to the ladder and grabs it looking up at his victim.

Sylvia sobs as she continues to climb up, trying to escape her tormentor. Hartwig then starts to climb up after her. Suddenly, Albert running up and jumps on Hartwig trying to stop him. Sylvia looks down and sees her love fighting the evil man trying to save her.

Albert and Hartwig grapple, but Hartwig bushes the boy off of him and forcefully pushing him away.

"Noooooo!" Albert shouts, grabbing the nearest heavy stick. Swinging with all his might he hits Hartwig dead center in the head.

"Arrrrggghh!" Hartwig screams as the stick hits and blood starts coming from the blow.

and the black jacket rapist falls on the wooded floor unconscious.

Albert looking at his work for a second, realizing the threat is now ended, now turns his attention to his frightened love. He goes up to the ladder.

"Sylvia! It's alright! It's all over!" Albert says

Still frightened, the Webb girl looks down from high up on the ladder and sees that her beau is right as she sees the evil man lying on the floor and Albert puts down his stick and then holds his arms and hands out pleading for her to come down.

Sylvia slowly starts to climb down the ladder. Albert holds the bottom of the ladder to make sure she doesn't fall. After a few moments Sylvia reaches the safety of the ground and she and Albert embrace.

"Oh Albert!...It was horrible!" she tearfully says.

"Shhh..Don't worry Sylvia...it's ok." he replies still holding on to her and patting her back to comfort her. He looks at Hartwig and sees that the man is still out cold. Albert picks up the stick he hit Hartwig with as he holds on to Sylvia.

"If he even gets up again I'll kill him…He won't hurt you again!" he vows to her.

Sylvia now begins to feel at ease knowing her beau will protect her. The couple looks at each other. Then Sylvia and Albert put their faces slowly together and they kiss.

After a few moments a voice booms from outside halting their passionate interlude.

"Albert!" it was Charles Ingalls' voice

"Sylvie!" it was Mr. Webb's voice

"Pa! In here!" Albert shouts

Charles and Hector appear at the door seeing their children. Hector holding his shotgun.

"Are you and Sylvia alright son?" Charles says

"Yes Pa." Albert replies.

Hector gives his shotgun to Charles and goes over to embrace his daughter.

"Sylvia!...I'm glad you're alright." Hector embraces his daughter. Hector feels that his daughter is still afraid of him.

"You don't have to be afraid anymore Sylvie…I'm sorry..You mean so much to me..please forgive me."

Tears streaming down her face. Sylvia looks at her Pa and sees that he really means what he says.

"Oh Papa!...I forgive you." She tightly holds him.

A little bit off, Hartwig's body begins to stir as he is coming to. Albert see the rapist moving and he holds his stick up about to hit him.

"Pa!...He tried to hurt Sylvia!" Albert shouts

Almost immediately Charles and Hector turns. Hector in a rage grabs his shotgun from Charles intending to kill the rapist.

"No Hector!"...Charles grabs the gun and lifts it up fast. "Leave him to the courts!"

Hector wanted to kill the molestor of his daughter, but seeing that Charles is right begins to see the reasoning of his words. Killing Hartwig would serve nothing, but justice can. Charles lets go of Hector's gun and Hector holds the gun on the rapist keeping the evil man at bay.

"Albert…take Sylvia to our place, she can stay there with us for awhile...After that, go into town, tell Nels Oleson what had happened and get Doc Baker to come out here to tend to this "man" " Charles says.

"Ok Pa!"...Albert replies. "Come on Sylvia" The young couple hold on to each other as they begin to leave the wooded up place.

"Sylvia…We will have Mr. Oleson send a telegraph to Sleepy Eye to request a judge come to Walnut Grove so Hartwig can stand trial on what he did to you…are you willing to testify against him in court?" Charles asks

Sylvia ,who was once frightened by her ordeal, realizes she now has the power to finally stop her tomentor. Now a new sign of hope, bravery and sense of justice begins to come over her.

"Yes, Mr Ingalls!... I will!" Sylvia says

Without another word Albert takes his woman away from the rapist out of the Atkins place and both of them head to his house.

End of Part-1
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PostSubject: Sylvia Strikes Back Ch#2: Back to town with the prisoner   Sylvia Strikes Back!  EmptyThu Oct 27, 2016 3:28 am

Chapter 2 Back to town with the prisoner


Back to town to start Justice

An hour has passed since Albert took Sylvia away from the Atkins place and from the sight of the monster Irv Hartwig. Still at the Atkins place Charles Ingalls and Hector Webb with his shotgun in hand are watching as Dr. Baker treats the wounds that Albert and Sylvia had inflicted on the rapist.

"Darn that girl and boy." Hartwig scowls flinches as Doc Baker bandages his head.

"You should be lucky that Albert didn't hit you any harder, otherwise you would be dead now." Dr. Baker replies "After what I have heard I wouldn't have treated you at all, but I swore an oath to help all people regardless."

Hartwig scowls again. "If I had my way I would've killed that boy," continuing to be defiant.

Hector props his gun again cocking the triggers, but Charles stops him.

"Doc are you finished with him?" Charles asks

"Yes Charles.. I'm done" Dr. Baker replies as he puts his things back in his medical bag

"Good" Charles says as he walks to the rapist grabbing him by the scuff of the jacket and punches Hartwig dead center in the stomach and the rapist staggers to his knees in pain.

" You say anything else about my son or about my possible future daughter-in-law we won't wait for the judge. Me and Hector will kill you ourselves first!" Charles gritting his teeth in anger.

Doc Baker couldn't blame Charles on this and Hector Webb is surprised. Now it was his turn.

"On your feet! It's time to get to town!" pointing his shotgun directly at Hartwig.

Hartwig gets to his feet. Charles takes a length of rope he just got from his horse and ties Hartwig's hands behind his back. He tightens them sucurely and then he ties Hartwig's waist up.

"Now lets go! Move!" Hector orders prodding the gun in Hartwig's back. The rapist goes first out the door followed by Hector, then Doc Baker.

Just as Charles is about to leave something catches his eye at the far end at the corner. He goes over to the boxes. On the ground is a black stocking cap and also a mask of a clown's face. Charles assumes that this was worn by Hartwig. Seeing this could be evidence he picks them both up and he leaves out of the Old Atkins place. He wants to show these to Hector when they get to town. Now they need to get the rapist into town where he can be locked up. Nels could use the Ice shed to hold Hartwig in until the judge gets here just like before when the bigoted farmer Larrabee was held when he was accused of burning Jonathan Garvey's burn down and hurting his son Andy.

Charles exits the old place.

Meanwhile at the Ingalls farm, the family is making Sylvia feel right at home. Sylvia is playing with Baby Grace, while Carrie is sitting on the floor with their dog Bandit.

Caroline is in the kitchen as she is preparing dinner, while Albert is upstairs in the loft changing things around. He has moved his bed to Carrie's side of the room which Sylvia can sleep on while he can sleep on the floor on his side with his little mattress and blanket.

Once everything was finished. Albert puts the privacy sheet back into place and comes down the ladder of the loft. After doing so he puts his hands on the shoudlers of his girl as Sylvia continues to play with Grace.

" How do you feel my Love?" Albert says

Sylvia turns her head to her beau and replies "I'm alright…much better. I'm glad that this nightmare will finally be over."

Albert understands. "Me too….but there is room for you to sleep with Carrie in the loft. Carrie… I hope you don't mind."

Albert's sister looks at her brother. "I don't mind Albert." Carrie replies. "Sylvia.. I would be glad to share my room with you." Carrie smiles at her.

"Thank you Carrie." Sylvia returns, Sylvia soon hopes that Carrie, and Grace will soon be her sisters-in-laws, and Mrs Ingalls her mother-in–law. This family has been so nice to her. She would like very much to be family to them soon.

"Dinner's Ready" Caroline calls. "Albert, can you help me bring it to the table?"

"Sure Ma." Albert replies, about to get up to help."

Sylvia stops Albert, "No my love…let me…I can help." She says as she gets up from her chair.

"You don't have to Sylvia." Caroline replies "You're our guest."

" I don't mind Mrs Ingalls….cooking for my Pa in the kitchen I'm sort of used to bringing in dinners for him at my home." She smiles.

"Thank you Sylvia." Caroline beams happily She looks at Albert's girl. Caroline thinks Sylvia will make a good wife for Albert if they decide to marry in the future. She hopes that Sylvia can endure testifying in court against Hartwig. Caroline thinks after hearing from Albert and Sylvia what had happened. That evil man did a cruel and brutal thing to this lovely girl. She hopes that Sylvia can move on after this. It won't be easy for her to forget, but with Albert, her and the whole family behind Sylvia. Sylvia can be free from that horrible man. Caroline would love to welcome Sylvia into their family as her daughter-in-law.

After Caroline, and Sylvia had brought the food out and set it on the table. Everyone took their seats at the table, Albert, next to Sylvia, Albert says the grace and the family starts to eat. Caroline, knows that Charles would come in later and maybe Sylvia's father too so she had left some food on the stove.

Meanwhile. two horses carrying two men and a horse drawing carriage are approaching the town. It is Charles Ingalls and Hector Webb along with Dr. Baker.

In between Charles and Hector walking is a tied up Irv Hartwig whose end of the rope is being held by Charles as Hector keeps his shotgun aimed right at him. As Doc. Baker stops his carriage at his office Charles, Hector and their prisoner keep going.

When they arrived at the Oleson Mercantile: Nels Oleson was waiting for them on the porch.

"Charles… I called the telegraph office at Sleepy Eye and they telegraphed the court in Manitoba. They will be sending Judge Parker in a few days here. I will be picking him up at Sleepy Eye" Nels informs.

"Well that's good…Hey! isn't he the judge that tried that case about Jonathan and his burn burning and Andy being assaulated by that farmer Larbree who hated Joe Kagan?" Charles replies

"Yes that's the one, It'll be strange for him to come back here for another case when this is a quiet town." He looks at the tied up Hartwig with distain. "I have the ice shed ready we can put him in there until the judge gets here."

Mr. Oleson goes back into the store and a few mins later he has his rifle with him. He points it at Hartwig. Then Charles, Hector and Nels begin to take the prisoner to the ice shed.

After getting to the shed. Charles and Hector gets off their horses while Nels covers the rapist. After Charles and Hector take control again. Nels unlocks the Ice shed.

Charles, Hector take their prisoner inside. Charles than cuts the ropes holding Hartwig as Hector covers Charles with his gun so the rapist won't try anything.

Afterwards Charles leaves while Hector covers them. The Rapist looks at them with an evil eye and he smirks.

Hector Webb who has held back, has had enough! Going up to the rapist he then hits the evil man with his shotgun butt knocking him down to the floor. Then the old man spits at rapist.

"That's for my daughter!" Hector shouts.

With that Hector goes out the door and Nels locks it. The ice shed is like a jail. Hartwig wouldn't be able to escape from it.

"Thanks Nels" Charles calls after he gets back on his horse. Hector also gets on his.

"Thanks Nels " Hector also replies

"You're welcome Charles and Hector." Nels responds then he shows a sign of serious face. "Just get Sylvia the justice she deserves. Plus tell Sylvia my wife would like to talk with her. I told Harriet what happened and I think Harriet feels guilty about in a way for creating all of this. Let Sylvia know."

"We plan on it Nels and thanks again Yaaaah" as Charles and Hector start their horses moving again heading for home.

As they ride Hector says something to Charles.

"Charles, I would like to talk to you and your wife when we reach your place it's important." He says seriously. "it's about our children".

"Sure Hector." the eldest Ingalls replies.

Back in town inside the locked ice house Irv Hartwig tries unsuccessfully to open the main door, but it's locked from the outside. He knows he can't escape. After a few more tries he gives up and sits down waiting for a judge to come here to decide his fate.

End of Part-2
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PostSubject: Sylvia Strikes Back Ch#3 Preparing for the Trial and Future   Sylvia Strikes Back!  EmptySat Oct 29, 2016 4:55 am

Chapter 3: Ch-3 Preparing for trial and the future

Part-3 Preparing for the trial and the future

Soon after imprisoning Hartwig in town Charles and Hector arrives back at Charles' place. After getting off their horses they walk up to the door and enter.

"Charles!" Caroline shouts as she goes and embraces her husband.

"We're back." He replies

"Papa!" Sylvia shouts as she goes up and embraces her father

"Sylvie." As Hector holds his daughter tightly.

Charles lets go of his wife and goes over and embraces Carrie and Albert

"We are proud of you both Albert." As Charles rubs his son's head referring to him and Sylvia.

"Thanks Pa….I just suddenly in a way snapped. I didn't want Sylvia to get hurt by that creep." Albert looking serious.

" Well, a man is supposed to defend his woman. You did fine."

Albert looks at his Pa and smiles. He's finally shown his Pa that he's a man.

As he holds his daughter Hector looks at her serious.

"I'm going to change Sylvia, I promise." He turns to Charles "Charles, may I speak to you and your wife alone."

Charles turns and replies. "Sure Hector….Albert…why don't you and the girls go by the creek we won't be long."

"Sure Pa… Come on Carrie and Sylvia."

Carrie goes out first, " Come on Bandit" she calls and the black and white dog follows her out the door.

Sylvia looks at her pa a little confused. However, her Pa smiles at her "It's alright darling."

Seeing her pa's happy look. Sylvia's smiles as Albert come up to her. Sylvia turns and the couple takes each other hand and they walk out the door.

"Take care of my daughter Albert." Mr. Webb seriously says

"I will Mr. Webb." Albert turns back to him and then he and Sylvia follow Carrie and Bandit.

Charles closes the door, then he, Caroline and Mr. Webb sit at the table.

"Charles…I have been thinking, my daughter has gone through so much. After she was attacked I sort of blamed her for it and the shame it caused. I promised my wife I would look after Sylvia and protect her. In a way I abused that trust that I promised my wife." Hector looks down sadly at the table.

"We understand Hector." Charles replies: "The main thing is that it's over and your daughter is safe" Charles puts his hand on Hector's understanding.

Hector continues "I want to make up to my daughter on how I treated her.. And the only way I know how is to give her, her greatest wish." Hector looks back up from the table to Charles and Caroline " I'm going to approve to her to marry your son."

Charles and Caroline take in the news and then they smile " Oh Mr. Webb that is wonderful!" Caroline exclaims happy that she will be a mother-in-law. For the third time since Mary and Laura had married.

Hector continues again "Is it ok for your son to marry my daughter?"

Charles happily smiles "Hector we will have a new daughter-in-law! It's fine by us."

"Oh Yes!" Caroline happily exclaims.

The three smiles at each other then Hector turns to an important matter.

"I want us to tell Albert and Sylvia after we rid our town of the shame Hartwig put upon my daughter. I want us to wait to tell them this after Hartwig is put on trial on what he did to my daughter."

"Of course" Charles replies "Tomorrow before I go to the mill I'll stop at my son-in-laws Adam Kendall and ask him to be Sylvia's attorney."

"I'll go with you. Stop at my place first." Hector replies.

"Sure" Charles smiles at Hector Meanwhile Caroline have brought in the food that was left on the stove.

"Will you join us Hector? It'll give Albert and Sylvia some time alone." Caroline insists.

"Thank you…..and thank you for allowing my daughter to stay for a few days. Soon she will have to face that monster in court."

"With all of us behind her I'm sure she will be all right." Charles understanding Hector's concern.

Soon both Charles and Hector begin to eat.

Meanwhile outside Carrie is playing with Bandit as Albert and Sylvia sit by the creek.

"I wonder what my Pa has to say to your Ma and Pa?" Sylvia looks back at the house

Albert puts his hand to Sylvia's chin and turns her face back around to him.

"I'm sure they will tell us darling." Albert says. "I'm just glad that you are fine and safe."

Sylvia puts her hands to Albert's face. "I love you Albert."

Albert puts his hands on hers. "I love you too Sylvia"

The pair continues to look at each other then they bring their faces together gingerly kissing.

Suddenly Bandit comes between the two. He licks Sylvia's face.

Albert exclaims "Bandit!"

Sylvia laughs "It's alright Albert." as she continues to giggle as Bandit continues his play of her.

"Sorry Albert and Sylvia" as Carrie comes over.

Albert now calmed down replies to his sister "its ok Carrie. Looks like Bandit likes you darling." He says to Sylvia.

"Yes he does darling." Sylvia replies. Carrie calls to her dog "Come on Bandit!"

Bandit gives Sylvia a last lick and goes to rejoin Carrie.

Just then the front door opens and Hector Webb comes out. Charles and Caroline are behind him and they stand at the door.

"I'll be at your place in the morning Hector." Charles says.

As he gets on his horse Hector replies "Ok Charles. See you in the morning"

As he turns his horse Albert and Sylvia walk up to him hand to hand.

"You're be safe here Sylvie….I want you to stay here for a few days. Me and Mr. Ingalls are going to see Adam Kendall in the morning to hire him as your lawyer." Hector says to his daughter.

Sylvia takes in the news and replies "Yes Pa."

Hector looks at Albert. "Albert, look after her. Promise me you will protect her."

"I will Mr. Webb I swear I will." Albert promises.

With that Hector Webb starts his horse and heads for home.

Sylvia waves after her father. "Bye Papa.. I love you!" She shouts

"Love you too Sylvie!" he shouts and waves after her.

As Mr. Webb rides off into the distance. Albert and Sylvia put their hands around each other's waist and turns and heads back towards the Little House.

Late at Night. Everyone is in bed sleeping Charles and Caroline with Baby Grace downstairs while Albert is on one side of the loft while Sylvia and Carrie are sleeping on the other.

Before she fell asleep Sylvia thinks that the few days and possibly weeks that come a lot of things will have to be done. Explaining to Mr. Kendell what had happened, going to Dr. Baker to see how far her Pregnancy has gone. Returning back to school which she and Albert wants to do. Lastly, going to court and testifying in order to get the man who raped her justice and punishment he so deserves. However, her future will depend on her. She will not back down she vows to herself. She will be free of Hartwig in order to do what she wants to do. To marry Albert Ingalls and become Mrs. Sylvia Ingalls.

She turns towards the privacy sheet.

"I love you Albert Quinn Ingalls" she whispers careful not to wake Carrie

She snuggles in her blanket and falls asleep.

End of Part -3
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PostSubject: Re: Sylvia Strikes Back!    Sylvia Strikes Back!  EmptyTue Jun 20, 2017 9:43 am

I just read this now...this is great! Any chance of a part 4?
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PostSubject: Re: Sylvia Strikes Back!    Sylvia Strikes Back!  Empty

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Sylvia Strikes Back!
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