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 Awesome August!

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Awesome August! - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Awesome August!   Awesome August! - Page 2 EmptyThu Aug 08, 2019 7:03 pm

........................AUGUST 2019 balloons

♪♫♪Happy Birthday to all the August Babies!!!♪♫♪ happysign  happyb

August 1, 1912: Carrie Ingalls marries David Swanzey. wedding

August 3, 1870: Caroline Celestia Ingalls (Carrie) is born.  happysign

August 3: Happy Birthday to ME! BlissROTFL ShyGirl

August 4: Happy Birthday to Toby!  happysign

August 11: Happy Birthday to John a/k/a jes9!  happysign

August 13: Happy Birthday to Gin!  happysign

August 15:  Happy Birthday to Melissa a/k/a Buttercup!  happysign

August 18, 1859: Josephine, Cap Garland's daughter is born.  happyb

August 25, 1885: Almanzo and Laura are married!  wedding

August 27, 1876: Charles Frederick Ingalls (Baby Freddie) dies. RIP

August 1889: Baby Boy Wilder is born and dies shortly after. RIP

If there are more birthdays that I do not know of, please let me know in this thread or thru PM. Thanks!  Thumbsup

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Awesome August! - Page 2 12_1_223CANCER FREE!!!  April 9, 1998-April 9, 2019-I AM A SURVIVOR!!! Awesome August! - Page 2 12_1_223
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Awesome August!
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