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PostSubject: Reflections   Reflections EmptyMon May 28, 2018 12:46 am

Author's note: Just a few scenarios that could've taken place offscreen during "Times of Change".

Almanzo sat out in front of the small wood frame house. Behind him, the evening sun reflected off the windows. He plucked at his guitar, not really playing any particular tune. He appeared lost in thought.

“Well, I got Rose all tucked in for the night,” said Laura, appearing at the doorway.
Almanzo looked up and nodded, but didn’t say anything. Sensing that something was on his mind, Laura sat down beside him.
“You’re looking forward to seeing Royal again, aren’t you?” she said.
Almanzo nodded. "We've got ten years of catching up to do. Without Myron and Rupert underfoot it should be easier."
"I know," replied Laura. "I barely even feel like I got to meet Royal at all with those two there. I was sorry they didn’t bring Jennie with them. It’ll be nice to finally meet her tomorrow.”
“Yeah, but can you imagine if they’d brought Jennie last time? From what I could gather, Myron and Rupert were always playing tricks on her. We could barely manage the two of them, let alone three kids.”
“Well… to be totally honest I was kind of relieved to know that won't be with them time. Royal had put Myron and Rupert in a boarding school.”
Almanzo laughed softly. “You know, it really seemed like we hammered some sense into them when they were here.”
“Well,” said Laura, “I guess sometimes praying for miracles pays off. Why knows? They may even grow up to be doctors or lawyers. Stranger things have happened.”

It was getting dark. Almanzo set his guitar down for a moment and stretched.
"Have you heard from your Pa yet? asked.
"Not yet," said Laura. "I'm sure they're still getting settled in. I'll check with Mrs. Foster tomorrow to see if he's sent a telegraph. They have a few weeks till the school term starts."
"That's good," said Almanzo. "Getting settled in a new place is a big adjustment for anyone, but with James still recovering and all..." He trailed off into thought.
After a moment, he picked the guitar back up and started strumming a familiar tune. Laura sat back and relaxed, letting the melody lull her deep into memory…

to be continued
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