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 LHOP Season Two Ditty

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PostSubject: LHOP Season Two Ditty   Sun Sep 02, 2007 4:15 pm

Can you find all the titles from season two in my story?

There was once a man who was considered to be the pride of Walnut Grove
Simply because he was the only one who had a brand new gas stove
Ebenezer Sprague was his name
And he once hit a home run in the big inning of a baseball game
But other than that he was not well known
And spent most of his days being all alone
Most of the townsfolk considered him a grump
Children thought he lived in a haunted house, while adults just called it a dump
People thought him strange, for he wasn’t the talking machine
They took his quietness as an excuse to call him mean
But cooking was THE gift, being his father’s son
And he found it enjoyable and a lot of fun
One day he was going home the back way
Following the long road home, just taking in the day
When suddenly he saw a family on the campout
Setting up a tent and running all about
He looked up at the sky and thought it kind of funny
Their campsite was right at the end of the rainbow all bright and sunny
He approached the family, but they thought him a troublemaker
And did not want him on their tiny little acre
Being a quiet man, he swiftly turned to walk away
But a little girl approached him and had something to say
She wore huge round glasses but the man saw a twinkle in those four eyes
“What can I do for my lady?” he said much to everyone’s surprise
Inside, his mind was racing like the runaway caboose
As he stood silently waiting beneath the trunk of an old spruce
She hesitated, and for a moment, her parents’ face showed concern
But there was something about this man she wanted to learn
“Are you coming to the centennial for the soldier’s return?” she asked with a smile
You should come to the Spring Dance with us, even for a little while
Poor old Ebenezer, he stood their just stunned
He was so used to being shunned
Obviously, this little girl did not know of him
Then, suddenly he thought, “Why not” on a whim
He graciously accepted the little girl’s request
And then began telling them of what he did best
I have lived in this area quite a while
And I have never been asked to anything,” he said with a smile
“I want people to remember me as a good man, not stern
For this, above all things is what I truly yearn
I am the greatest cook there is around
May I take over the kitchen at this event in town?”
They all agreed and were quickly on their way
Perhaps this chance meeting was a matter of faith, you might say
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LHOP Season Two Ditty
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