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 Santa ~Poem by Drew Womack

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PostSubject: Santa ~Poem by Drew Womack   Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:36 pm

SANTA a poem by Drew Womack

I knew some day it would happen when my young child asked of me
"Dad is there a Santa, is he someone I can see."
Some of my friends were laughing making fun of me
for believing in a fairy tale someone as old as me.
Of course there is a Santa if you have eyes to see
the jolly saint of Christmas and generosity.

I've seen him in the faces of all the girls and boys
I've heard him in their laughter as they share their Christmas joy.
I've felt him in the darkness of the coldest silent night
as he brings his gifts of kindness warmth and joy and light.
From the north pole of love on which all the world must spin
with the wisdom of the ages on which we all depend.

In a crimson suit of kindness trimmed in snowy white
with golden bells of laughter he travels through the night.
Pulled by tiny reindeer brave and wild and free
in a sleigh of understanding peace and hamony.
Into a world of madness filled with doubt and fear
to dash away the madness with all his Christmas cheer.

I wonder how he does it the age old mystery
leaving all his goodness underneath our tree
and vanish in an instant before the eye can see
with just a trace of laughter full of Christmas glee.
Some folks say he's crazy to give his gifts away
he'll soon run out of presents if he carries on this way.

But Santa just laughs louder it's the secret that he lives
The greatest joy on Earth is owned by one who gives.
So he just keeps on giving he never will run out
that's why he keep on living that's what he's all about.
The magic of the season for all who do believe
a special gift from Santa that those who give receive.

He's looking for some helpers a few brave volunteers
to help him spread the message of Christmas joy and cheer
to loose the Scrooge that's in us and fill us all with joy
to find the child within us, every girl and boy
so we can all see Santa and share the warmth and light
and say to all the worldMerry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
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Nip it in the bud!
Nip it in the bud!

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PostSubject: Re: Santa ~Poem by Drew Womack   Sun Dec 07, 2008 9:34 pm

Great poem, Cherie! Thank you for sharing it!
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Santa ~Poem by Drew Womack
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