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 Getting Episodes Mixed Up

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Walnut Grove Resident

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PostSubject: Getting Episodes Mixed Up   Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:14 pm

Do you ever get two (or more) similar episodes mixed up so that you can't remember which episode something happened in? For example, I often get "The Afermath" mixed up with "Darkness Is My Friend", both of which involve Mary being taken hostage. And it was at the same house too, because wasn't the Hanson house that the James brothers rented what became the blind school? Another pair of episodes I often mix up is "Meet Me At the Fair" and "Fagin". I often can't remember which episode has the pickpocket and the lady with the suitcase following him around. I know now it's "Meet Me At the Fair", because I just watched it earlier this evening.

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Dean's Dedicated Diva

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PostSubject: Re: Getting Episodes Mixed Up   Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:02 am

I get "Once Upon A Time" and "A Child with No Name" mixed up all the time. It makes no sense, because the latter has to be about the death of Baby Wilder, but I always have to think about it and often write the wrong episode title when I am talking about them.

The other ones I mess up are "Chicago" and "Times of Change". The first is when Charles meets Isaiah in Chicago to investigate the death of John Jr, and the second one is when they turned John Jr. into a two-timing cad who fell out of love with Mary at the beginning of Season 4.

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Getting Episodes Mixed Up
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