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 Amazing Changes

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PostSubject: Amazing Changes   Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:17 pm

Hi ya’ll,
This story tells what Almonzo and Laura were filling during the church social. I used some dialogue from the episode “Sweet Sixteen”. This is also posted at PT.
Amazing Changes

He sat on the dark bench beating himself up inside. How could he have accused Beth of doing such a thing with her student? Beth for sure wouldn’t even think of pursuing him now.

When he and Eliza Jane had entered Nellie’s, he hoped to see Beth’s young face. Glancing around, he had convinced himself her anger toward him had driven her not to come.

Sure, there were plenty young women in the next room, closer to his age, but to him, now, none of them could measure up to Beth. How she had changed since they first met. Beth had slowly gone from a feisty schoolgirl to a beautiful school teacher.
A confused Laura walked into Nellie’s Restaurant. Glancing around the words “I don’t see Manly” slipped from her thoughts to her fathers ears. “There’s Eliza Jane, I’ll go see.” Laura waited with anticipation to know what Eliza Jane was telling her pa. “He’s here somewhere, you’ll just have to look around for him”, he whispered among his return, asking her ma to dance.

Glumly, Laura mozzed over to the kitchen door, hoping to have some time to herself. When she lifted her head, she was in shock. There, right before her Almonzo. Exited, yet nervous, she walked over to where he sat.

“Hi”, she said softly.

For a minute she wondered if he didn’t hear her or if he was ignoring her. But, he soon turned to look at her and replied “Hi”.

“I didn’t think you were gonna be here tonight” he didn’t mean to be so forward, but couldn’t help himself.

“Why not, didn’t you think anyone else would bring me?” Laura asked with a confuse look on her face.

“I didn’t mean that, I don’t know what I mean, I’m sorry about what happened the other day, I didn’t mean that either.”

Laura saw the sorrowful look in his sky blue eyes and couldn’t be mad.

“I know.”

A wave of relief shot through him as a bolt of electricity traveled up from his left arm to the rest of his body. Turning, he noticed Laura had slid in next to him.

Curiously Almonzo asked “Who did you come with?”

Pausing a moment, Laura answered “My pa”, noticing the obvious grin dance across Almonzo’s face.

“I came with my sister”, Almonzo assured her.

“I know”, Laura said matter-of-factly.

“Since we’re both her, maybe I could kinda be your escort.”

A shocked Laura replied, “You may.”
Before Laura knew it, Almonzo had placed a beautifully wrapped gift in her hands. Laura, not wanting to seem exited, carefully opened the gift, glancing up to see the anxiousness in Manly’s eyes. Pulling back the wrapping paper revealed
an astonishing shawl with little flowers flowing up and down the edges.

Running her fingers up and down the fabric, she moved her eyes to met Almonzo’s. As the words “I love it” moved from her mouth a tinge of relief went through Almonzo.
“It’s like I’m wearing your colors” Laura cautiously said.

“I hope so”, those words clarifying for them both how each other felt.

Leaning in, their lips met, and for the first time Almonzo knew what it was like to really love someone.

There were so many things going through both their minds and hearts.
Almonzo knew his heart would, from this night on, always belong to his Beth. The one who had done so many childish things, but looking in her chocolate brown eyes he understood her love for him. And in a way, he felt thankful to her for helping him see her for what she was, a woman.

Laura still couldn’t believe it. When her Pa had told her in the wagon the other day he thought Almonzo loved her, she didn’t want to give her hopes up like she’d done countless times before. But now, she knew it was real, and could not even begin to explain the new feelings she felt, knowing Manly felt the same way, it was just beyond belief.
“How’d ya like to dance with the teacher”, Laura sweetly asked, not wanting the moment they were sharing to ever end.

“I’d love to”, Almonzo said, feeling the same way.

Following her into the dining room, he new she was looking over to her Pa for his consent.

Charles smiled and nodded his head with a look of acceptance.

Thankful for his consent, Almonzo lead Laura to the center of the dance floor, took one of her small, fragile hands in his, and put his other hand around her petite waist.

Just one glance at her had him mesmerized in her soft chocolate eyes. The rest of the night, which ended much too soon, was of only he and her, or at least to him.
The last song was slow, and they both enjoyed every moment of it. At the end, while everyone was saying their good-byes Almonzo wisped Laura away to the corner.

Trying to hurry before anyone noticed the two missing, Almonzo put his strong, muscular arms around her tiny frame, and it felt so right, pulling her close.

“I love ya”, he softly whispered into her ear.

“I love you too”, Laura replied.

As soon as the words left her lips, Almonzo put his lips passionately over hers.

Coming back to reality, Laura moved her lips up to his ear and lightly whispered “Gotta go, see you tomorrow.”

Still dreaming all Almonzo could do was so “Yeh, see ya.”

All Laura could think about on the way back to the little house was what had happened. It seemed like an impossible dream. And, if it was a dream, Laura never wanted to wake up.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Changes   Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:13 pm

I love it Kalin!! Love reader
As you can see from my Keepership, I love that scene and it was neat to read this story. Thumbsup

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Amazing Changes
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