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 New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.

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PostSubject: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:51 pm

This is my FIRST posting here to the Little House Forum. I'm a great fan of the series! Especially my Favorite episode "Sylvia" I've been posting my fan-fiction to various sites so I thought I post them here. Here is the First of 5 stories I have written based on the episode. Please read and hope you all enjoy them. I welcome feedback. please do so here.

All fanfiction written work is © 2011 Lenell Bridges. NO PROFIT OR MONTARY GAIN will be used or is my intention as I continue the following story.

Little House on the Prairie and it’s characters is owned and copyrighted by NBC UNIVERSAL. No profit OR gain will be used from this story. This story I only want to COMPLETE and SHARE with other fans. Mainly to the fans of the young couple ALBERT INGALLS and SYLVIA WEBB (Who are the main [/i]focus in this story).

Lenell Bridges

"Sylvia" on which this story is based-only in this story Sylvia doesn't die:

On her way home from school one day, Albert Ingalls's 15 year old classmate, Sylvia Webb is attacked and raped by a masked man. When her father learns what happened he becomes overly protective and makes her keep it a secret. Albert falls in love with her, and although her father forbids it, she finds ways to meet him after school. But trouble arouses when Albert finds out that Sylvia is pregnant and the whole town, including Sylvia's father, thinks he's the father. Soon after, Albert learns the truth and promises to marry and take care of Sylvia.

Sylvia decides to run away when she learns her father plans to take her away from Walnut Grove and after calling her a whore. Albert finds her and promises to go with her. On his way into the town Albert tells Mr. Hartwig, the town’s blacksmith and his boss (not knowing that he is the rapist), where Sylvia is. The rapist finds Sylvia and again attacks her, Albert comes to her rescue trying to stop him, but Hartwig is too much for him but the rapist is shot and killed by Charles Ingalls and Mr. Webb before the rapist can hurt her, although indirectly he causes her to fall from a ladder on which she was trying to escape.

At the Webb farm Sylvia is fatally wounded but before she dies, Albert promises to marry her and take care of her.

The Webb Farm late at night

Sylvia closed her eyes, a slight smile on her lips. I started to get up so she could rest, but a small hand grabbed my arm.

"Don't leave me Albert," Sylvia said softly.

I forced a smile and sat back down beside her, taking her hand. "I won't."

She leaned back on the bed and soon I heard her steady breathing, signaling she was asleep. Taking all the comfort I could from the reassuring warmth of her hand, I thanked God she was all right. Guilt washed over me as I looked at her lying so still. It was all my fault! If only I hadn't told Mr. Hartwig where she was. The very thought of the two-faced bastard made my blood boil and my fists clench, but what good were those? I didn't even have a chance when I hurled myself at him- he threw me aside like a rag doll! If Pa and Mr. Webb hadn't shown up when they had. I turned my head away feeling sick.

"Albert?" Pa's voice and quiet knock jarred me out of my thoughts. I gently let go of Sylvia's hand and went to open the door.

"Yes Pa?" I asked looking up at him.

"How is she?"

"Fine, I think. She's sleeping now."

"Dr. Baker wants to take a look at her. Do you want to come on home now?"

I looked back at Sylvia and shook my head.

"No Pa, I 'm going to stay here tonight. Sylvia needs me."

Pa looked as if he wanted to argue, but instead he gripped my shoulder tightly with his hand and walked out.

Doc Baker walked in quietly and observed Sylvia for a few minutes.

"Is she going to be alright?" I asked interrupting the silence.

He shook his head. "She has a broken leg, and a few bruises but other than that she'll be fine physically. Mentally I don't..." his voice trailed off.

He sighed and spoke again. "She's been through a lot Albert. It's going to be a long time before she can even start to put this behind her. Sylvia's is going to need a lot of help and support now."

"I'll be there for her," I replied. “No matter what, I won’t never let anything or anyone hurt her again.”

Doc Baker smiled slightly. "I'm sure you will Albert."
As he turned to go, I drew up a chair next to the bed. Taking her hand I leaned back in the chair and welcomed a release from the ever-darkening day.

Later that night.

Sitting on the uncomfortable wooden chair that had been serving as my bed, I listened to the steady rise and fall of Sylvia's breath. After one or two hours of being unable to sleep, I had given up trying. I sighed as I got out of the chair and walked toward the one window in the room.

Pushing aside the curtain I looked up into the midnight sky, dotted with shining stars. A bright streak of light ran across the sky, soon fading out of sight. At any other time the scene would have filled me with joy, but leaning my head against the cool glass I felt drained of any feeling, as if I had already felt too much over the day to feel anything more. In the silence of the night I allowed myself to think about all of the things I had said to Sylvia. At the time, I said things truly believing I could make them happen- but now I realized that I had promised her things that I didn't know if I could handle. All I had I wanted- and still wanted- was for her to be happy, but what if nothing went the way I planned? Oh, I knew I loved her, and that she loved me, but I also knew that it would take more than love to get through all the hardships life had in store for us. Pa, and especially Ma thought I was too young to realize what marriage and fatherhood would do to my plans for the future. They still thought I was a little boy, believing everything would go my way, simply because I wanted them to. But I had stopped being a little boy a long time ago, and while I wasn't quite a man yet, I knew what I was getting into.

Unfortunately, I realized with disappointment, that didn't wasn't exactly much help. CREEEAK! I banged my head against the window, startled at the sudden sound. Hurrying to close the gap between Sylvia and me, I called out in a fierce (or at least I hoped) voice, "Who's there?"

"It's only me… I came to see Sylvia," Mr. Webb stepped into my line of vision and I could see the start of a frown on his browned face. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "Sylvia wanted me here," I said feeling slightly nervous in his presence. He no longer had much of a reason to dislike me, but then again he didn't have much of a reason to like me either. Uneasily my eyes followed his steps towards the bed.

He accepted my reply with silence. I watched him kneel against the bed and reach out to touch Sylvia, but at the last moment he took his hand away, as if he had been burned. After an uncomfortable period of time he spoke. "I made a promise to my wife before she died," he said dully, looking past me as if I wasn't there. "I told her I'd never let Sylvia get hurt, that I would always protect her… "
His voice broke off and even in the darkness I could see the way his eyes glittered with the same emotion that I felt so sharply within me- guilt.

"It wasn't your fault Mr. Webb," I replied almost automatically. I knew that at the moment he didn't care about what I had to say, but I also knew how he was feeling. It made me, in some way, want to comfort him- as if by comforting him I could forget about my own guilt.

Ignoring me, as I had thought he would, Mr. Webb turned around and walked towards the door. Just as he stepped out of the room, I heard his deep voice mutter bitterly, "You reap what you sow."

The next morning
After what felt like only a few minutes, but must have been a few hours judging from the bright sunlight shining on my face, I awoke to a loud scream.

"No!" Sylvia was yelling, tossing her head from side to side. "Let me go!.. oh please somebody help me!"

I leaned over the bed and shook her, trying to wake her up from her nightmare. She snapped awake and began pounding my chest.

"Let me go! Let me go!" she screamed.

Grabbing her hands I held her close. "It's all right Sylvia, it's me," I said gently.

"Albert?" she said weakly. When her eyes focused on my face I felt her go limp with relief.

"Oh Albert," she sobbed. "I thought it was him. that he was hurting me again."

Gently stroking her hair I felt my anger boil up inside me. Even when he was dead he wouldn't stop hurting her.

"It's all right," I repeated. "He won't ever hurt you again. I promise."

"What's going on here?"

We looked up in surprise to see Mr. Webb, carrying his shotgun and bearing a look that would scare the devil himself.

I gaped at him, dumbly wondering how he had gotten his gun. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that this was the second time in two days that he had tried to use it on me.

"I said what is going on here?" his voice boomed.

"Uhhm," my voice trailed off miserably.

"It's all right Father," Sylvia said drying her tears with her hand, making me wish that I had a handkerchief. "I-I just had a bad dream."

"I see," he said looking at me suspiciously. I realized I was still holding Sylvia but since she had a death-grip on me I couldn't move away. He didn't lower his gun.

"Hurmph!" The sound of a clearing throat surprised us all. Dr. Baker was standing in the doorway, wearing an odd expression on his face.

"Am I. interrupting something?" he asked.

"No-nothing," I said suddenly finding my voice, while Mr. Webb seemed to have lost his.

"I just came to check on Sylvia, but if you want me to leave."

Mr. Webb shook his head. "No," he said gruffly. "No. You look over Sylvia. I'll leave."
Finally lowering his gun, he walked out of the door with a slightly embarrassed look on his face.

Dr. Baker raised a questioning eyebrow at me but I didn't feel like explaining. Sylvia meanwhile had loosened her grip on me, only to grab onto me again when I stood up.
"Where are you going?" she asked looking worried. She had good reason to be too, I thought, bitterly remembering the last time I had left her. But I was tired and hungry as well, and I knew in that condition I wouldn't be much of use to her or anyone else. I had to go home and try to pull myself together for the two. three of us.

"I'm just going home for a few hours." Seeing her face widen in fear I hastened to reassure her. "Don't worry, Dr. Baker and your father will be here with you and I'll be back soon."

"Al- all right," Sylvia said not looking the least bit reassured, making my insides squirm with guilt. Maybe I shouldn't leave her, I thought looking at her pale face. But I knew I had to talk to Ma and Pa and. and I knew Mr. Webb needed to spend some time with Sylvia too- alone.

"I'll be back soon," I repeated squeezing her hand lightly. I nodded good- bye to Dr. Baker as I left the room. I'd be back, but first I had to go home.

A path road leading to the Ingalls farm

Walking down the familiar path towards home, I couldn't help feeling a sense of dread. The last time I had spoken with Ma, we had both ended up angry and that, of course, hadn't solved anything. Pa did not agree with my plans any more than Ma did- and at the moment I did not feel up to the daunting task of facing disapproval from the both of them. For a moment I was tempted to go back to Sylvia but I pushed the thought out of my mind.

"You have to go home," I told myself. "You have to face them sometime."

I hated being at odds with Ma, and Pa especially; I knew how hard it had been for them to take me in when they already had so many children of their own. But I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't leave Sylvia, not after all I had promised her and I didn't want to risk the chance of her being taken away by her father. It would be horrible for the both of us- wouldn't it?

"Of course it would," I snapped at myself. I couldn't let little moments of self-doubt alter my plans. I knew it was going to be hard, but I could handle it. I knew I could.
Half-expecting to see Carrie at the water pump, I put my hand up as if to wave, but realized too late she would be in school. The thought of school brought the unwanted faces of my "friends" to my mind. I was still rattled at the thought that they hadn't even asked me if the rumors were true. Of course I hadn't said anything to put a stop to them but still I knew even if I had, they would've just believed whatever they wanted.

Reaching the house, I knocked on the door apprehensively. It was an odd feeling- feeling like a stranger to my own home. I heard footsteps inside the house, hurrying towards the door.

"Albert!" Ma exclaimed partly in surprise, partly in joy.

She gave me a hug, and again I started to feel horrible about our fight. But I did not feel bad enough to back down.

Pa came out from the bedroom and gave me a warm smile.

"You're home!" He said, clapping his hand on my back.

"Not for long," I replied, preparing myself for a barrage of questions.

Ma and Pa shared a look with each other, but the question Ma asked me was not one I was expecting.

"Would you like some breakfast Albert?" Ma asked still smiling, but somehow it now seemed a bit strained.

Filled with surprise I could only nod. Pa smiled at me and seated himself at the table.
"Sit!" he said, putting his hand on one of the chairs. I approached the table cautiously. What was going on? Sitting down at the table I watched Ma place the food down in front of us. After Pa said grace we silently began eating the food.

"Laura and Almonzo are coming for dinner," Ma cheerily announced.

"Really? That's nice." Pa said equally cheerful.

I watched both of them chatting back and forth looking completely normal in every way. But I knew that their cheerful conversation was just an act, and it was making me mad. I pushed back my chair and stood up.

"What do you want from me?" I asked them angrily.

They looked at me in shock.

"Don't speak to us in that tone, Albert!" Pa ordered.

"Then stop acting like this!" I said. I knew I was being extremely rude and acting out-of-line but I couldn't seem to stop myself.

"Albert," Pa said with his brows furrowed. "Yesterday your Ma and I had decided that we were going to try to be understanding about this. situation. So tell us…how would you like us to act? Do you want us to yell? To tell you that you're making the biggest mistake of your life? That you're ruining everything for some girl?"

I had stayed silent and calm throughout Pa's entire rampage, but his last comment touched a nerve. "Some girl?" I asked through gritted teeth. "Sylvia is not just some girl! And so what if I'm making a mistake? It's my life and it's my mistake to make!"

Ma reached out to touch my hand.

"Albert, we know you that you're in love with Sylvia, but you have to think! You're not even sixteen years old, how do you plan to support a family?"

I withdrew my hand from her grasp.

"I have a plan," I said, trying to get them to understand. "We'd stay at Sylvia's house until the baby is born and I'll get a job…there will be plenty of things I can do. And-"

"And what about school? What about your dream of being a doctor? And what happens after the baby is born Albert?" Pa cut in angrily.

"When things get easier-"

This time it was Ma who cut me off. "Things will never get easier Albert! Don't you see? If you get married now that's it! That's the end! You'll never be able to go back and do the things that you wanted to do. It's not something that will go away- Sylvia and the baby will always depend on you!"

"I know they will! And I'm ready to accept that! But things will be different for me. I can still become a doctor! I know I can! I just need you to support me in this." I said pleadingly.

Pa and Ma shared another look. This time it was one of sadness.

"If you're going to refuse to listen to us, then I'm afraid we cannot support you,"
Pa said gruffly. "I'm sorry Albert, but we can't help you make this mistake."

"You're refusing to help me?" I said incredulously. I had known it would be difficult to make them understand, but I had never expected this. Not from Pa and Ma who had helped us all through so many other situations.

"Yes," Ma said her voice steely. But I could see her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

"Fine," I snapped. "I'll do it on my own!" In anger I turned and started climbing up the ladder leading to my upper loft room. Once I got to the top I grabbed my sack and started to pack all my belongings into it.

Once I finished I climbed back down and headed to the door. Ma and Pa looking on.
“Albert. Please don’t do this.” Ma said pleading. Tears streaming down her face.

I grabbed the door knob and opened the door. I turned my head to see them for the last time. My anger at them less now, but I said the following.

“ You and Pa made your decision and I’m making mine. It’s life with Sylvia! Goodbye Ma and Pa.”

Turning around on my heel I left the house I had for so long called my home. I'll be fine alone, I thought as I walked away from the little house and the two people standing in the doorway whom I had called Ma and Pa for so many years.

I don't need them.


A road leading to town

I walked down the pathway in a sort of daze.

What had just happened?
I sank to the ground when I was sure I was out of sight of my
old home and held my head in my hands.

My parents had just refused to help me. My friends were useless;
their parents would not allow their children to associate with the likes of
me. And, I thought grimly, I doubted they would have helped me
even if their parents approved.

It slowly dawned on me that I was completely alone. Laura
might have helped me, but she and Almonzo were so busy with their own
lives I couldn't burden them. Carrie and Grace were much too young and
they would never go against Ma and Pa.

No, I was truly on my own. With no money and no prospects for a
job, the future had never looked bleaker.

I fought the sudden urge I had to bang my head repeatedly
against the ground.

I would be of no use to Sylvia with a bent skull.
The thought made me laugh. And once I started, I found that I
couldn't stop. It was all so crazy! I was fifteen years old in a town where
everyone hated me! How was I going to take care of Sylvia? I was just going to ruin her life with my idiotic optimism.

Maybe...maybe, my parents were right. Maybe I should let Sylvia
move somewhere else. Somewhere where no one would know who she
was, and she could start over again.

I stopped my train of thought quickly, feeling disgusted with

How could it be better for Sylvia to face all of this alone? I had
promised to take care of her; I couldn't back out of it now. And really, I
admitted to myself, I didn't ever want to.

Imagining her pale face and hauntingly be
autiful eyes I found the
strength to stand up and dust myself off.
"No more self-pity," I said sternly. "I'm going to make this work
no matter how long it takes or how hard it is."

As for a job...well, not everyone in town was like Mrs. Olesen (and
they could all thank the good Lord for that). There must be someone in
town willing to hire me.

With that, I walked confidently into town, hoping
to find good news for once.

One hour later, however, I was no longer feeling confident.

After almost a dozen "No's", I was beginning to think that I'd have to
start looking in another town. Inconvenient, yes, but if it was the only
I sighed. This was not exactly the way I had envisioned things to go.
But then again, had anything gone right today?

"Well, I guess I might as well go back to Sylvia," I said to myself.
I dreaded going into her room without any sort of good news to share
with her.

When I finally walked into Dr. Baker's office, I was surprised by
the number of people inside.

Dr. Baker looked up with a strained look on his face.
"Ah, Albert!" he said. "Could you please hand me that cloth over

I walked over to the table Dr. Baker had indicated and picked
up the cotton cloth.

"Here," I said handing the cloth over.

"Thank you," Dr. Baker said distractedly.
I watched with interest as the doctor bega
n to clean a particularly nasty leg wound.

"Albert! Hand me that bottle over there, would you?"

The next fifteen minutes passed in a blur of shouted directions and
constant movement. Slowly, the group of people dispersed, and I was
able to breathe again.

"I say!" Dr. Baker said, wiping off a bead of sweat on his forehead.

"If it doesn't rain it pours!"

"Why were so many people in here?" I asked curiously.

"There was an accident over by the blacksmiths. Horse got spooked
and caused a lot of damage."

I nodded. Accidents like that happened often, but I had never
thought to wonder about how it would affect Dr. Baker.

"It was nice having you around to help though," Dr. Baker said

"Sylvia's sleeping in her room at home by the way. Her bruises are healing quite

I nodded my head slowly, only half-listening. I couldn't
believe I hadn't thought of this before. It was perfect! I could be
around Sylvia and, what better way to learn how to be a doctor than to
apprentice under one?

I marveled at my thick-headedness. But I was also cautious. I
couldn't allow myself to let everything rest on what Dr. Baker decided.
Not everyday would be so busy, I was sure. But, there were surely other
things I could do...and the more vindictive part of my mind couldn't help
but thinking about how Ma and Pa would react. I would become a doctor

This had to work out, it just had to.

I opened his mouth to speak.

"Dr. Baker?"

Dr. Baker turned to look at me, with a look of mild curiosity.

"Yes, Albert?"
"Do you think..well, I was just wondering, that maybe, maybe I
could apprentice under you?"

I continued in a rush without letting him get in a word. "I know that
it won't always be as busy as it was today, but I could do a lot of things to
help you. I could label things or carry things or-."
I stopped talking abruptly. Dr. Baker was laughing.

He put his hands up as if to protect himself from my barrage of

"I think Albert," he said with a twinkle in his eye. "that…that would
be a wonderful idea."

Later that day.

Now that a glimmer of hope had shone my way. There is something major I had to do as I left Doc Baker’s office and headed to the Webb farm.

“I have to have a serious talk with Mr. Webb.” I said to myself as I walked.

At the Webb farm. Sylvia is leaning up from her bed eating her supper while her father is watching her.

“This is good Papa”. As she eats some of the stew her father just cooked.
Hector Webb smiles at his daughter’s compliment then he places his hand on the side of her face lovingly.

“Sylvie I want to talk to you about Albert and I want you to be very honest with me on this.”

Sylvia stops eating to look at her father. A little concern on her face, but she listens
“Do you love him?.” Her father asks.

“Yes Pa.” Sylvia replies “with all my heart!...He even risked his life for me trying to stop that evil Hartwig from hurting me again.”

Mr. Webb’s anger within him burns at the mention of the dead man who was responsible for molesting his daughter and nearly ending her life, but he keeps it under control for the sake of Sylvia.

“Do you want to marry him Sylvie?”

Sylvia thinks for a second at her Pa’s question, and she responds straight forward.

“Yes Papa!...I want to marry Albert!” she happily exclaims.

Hector Webb takes a deep breath then gets to the point with his daughter. “Sylvia.. normally this would go against my wishes and nature because you both are so young.” Sylvia seems to think her father is going to get angry and she begins to be fearful of his wrath again, but her father continues.

“but since he has proven himself a brave young man like his own father and seems to love you as much as you love him…I’m going to give my approval to him to marry you”

Sylvia smiles brightly as she hears her father’s words. Her joy is overwhelming.

“Oh Pa! I’m so happy!” Sylvia exclaims, in her excitement she almost knocks the tray off the bed.

“Easy Sylvie” Mr. Webb catches the tray and puts it aside on the table next to the bed.

Suddenly Sylvia leans up from her bed and hugs her father tightly as tears of happiness drops from her eyes.

“I love you Pa!” Sylvia says

“I love you too Sylvie” Hector looks at his daughter “I have hurt you very much in the past Sylvie..I promised your Ma I wouldn’t let nothing hurt you, but I did hurt you and I’m sorry and I promise I’ll make it up to you and hopefully my letting you marry Albert is a starting point for me”

Sylvia looks into her father’s eyes and sees the sincerely in them.

“Oh Pa!.. this is more then enough for me!” She hugs him again.

Meanwhile just outside Albert has arrived at the Webb farm. He walks by Sylvia’s bedroom window and he sees Sylvia and her father holding on to each other tightly. He smiles as he thinks that Sylvia and her father have finally made peace. As he watches Sylvia sees him and she smiles, causing her father to turn around all of a sudden.

“I didn’t mean to startle you Mr Webb.. I was about near your door going to knock” Albert says trying to assure him.

Mr. Webb strikes a smile and says “Seems to me you was leering at my daughter again” he jokes as he leaves Sylvia’s room and heads to the door.

Albert seeing the joke of his comment replies “Oh no sir, I didn’t”

Sylvia begins to laugh as Albert smiles while Mr Webb opens the door to let Albert in.
Albert enters, as he does Mr. Webb notices his sack and asks “Have you left your home?”

Albert seeing that Mr. Webb is right, replies truthfully because he doesn’t want to lie to his hopeful future father-in law.

“Yes, Mr Webb..that is one of the things I need to talk to you about…Please.”

Mr.Webb seeing the seriousness in Albert’s request replies. “We can talk later after you spend some time with Sylvia and you must be hungry. I’ll fix you a plate you can eat it in her room. I still have some chores to do around the farm” he gruffy heads to the stove while Albert heads to Sylvia’s room.

“Albert!” Sylvia happily exclaims leaning up and extending her arms and hands.

“I’m back my love!”Albert says as he enters her room and approaching her bed and they embrace hugging each other tightly. As they do Mr. Webb has come into the room with a new tray of food for Albert and sets it down. Both Sylvia and Albert look as he does.

“I’ll be in the barn working…I’ll be back in a while. You, young man, eat some supper and watch over my Sylvie” Mr Webb gruffy says.

“Don’t worry sir, I will!” Albert happily beams and Sylvia smiles after her papa glad that he has finally come to like Albert. As Mr Webb leaves for the barn and closes the door Sylvia and me look at one-another deeply and our faces come closer then our lips lock on to each others in a kiss..not one of our short kisses but a new deep one.

After it ends we look at each other lovingly.

“I love you Albert.” Sylvia says

“I love you too Sylvia.” I replied

We look at each other and we kiss again, then I respond “I’m starving, but first, how do you feel?”

“Much better!” Sylvia replies “Now that you are here with me. Better do what Father says and eat this supper before it gets cold. I already had mine”

I smile at her and pull up the wooden chair next to her bed and I go over to the table and pick up the tray of food and then sit next to her and I start to eat.

As I do, Sylvia and me talk to each other

“ You really left your home for me?” Sylvia says.

“ Yes, my love.” I reply “My parents wouldn’t support my decision and I won’t let anything stand between us and our happiness. I made you a promise Sylvia. I love you and I intend to keep it.”

Sylvia smiles as Albert continues. after taking another bite of stew.

“Plus, I have some news… Doctor Baker has agreed to take me under as his apprentice to become a doctor. So I will be training under him, that way I will still look after you as you continue to recover from your injuries.”

Sylvia is happy about this. “That is wonderful Albert!”

Albert sets his tray of food on the table. Once he does he sits on Sylvia’s bed and takes her hand.

“Sylvia,.Tomorrow, I going to go into town and clear our names of the rumors that was not true about us. I won’t let a few lies ruin our future here in Walnut Grove.and since Mrs Olesen was the one who started all of this. She will be the first person to set straight.”

Sylvia responds to this. “Even after you’ve done this Albert, there is still school. How can we go back to school?”

“We don’t go back to school” he responds back. Sylvia looks confused “but not for a little while…We must deal with our responabilties to our future and to our baby”

Sylvia nods her head in agreement as Albert goes on.

“We will make it Sylvia!…we came this far, but first I want to give you something.”
Sylvia watches as Albert goes to table and reaches into his sack and pulls out a small white cloth. Returning to her bed he opens the little cloth. Sylvia is surprised when she sees a beautiful ring.

“Albert! It’s..It’s so beautiful!” she exclaims.

“This belonged to my real mother.” Albert says “she gave it to me before she died. She made me promise to give it to someone very dear to my heart and not to my real Pa who would have sold it. After my Ma died my Pa was very abusive to me and it was the beginning for me to start taking care of myself so I ran away from him. During those years of being on my own I never lost or sold my Ma’s ring. I never even told my adopted family or anybody about it until now. This was very personal to me” Albert concludes.

Sylvia is very touched to almost tears as she hears Albert’s story. She never realized that the young man she fell in love with would give something this dear and valuable to him to her. She looks at him lovingly as he puts the ring on her finger. It fitted perfectly. Then Albert looks at her, his eyes full with love.

“Sylvia….will you marry me?” Albert asks.

Sylvia responds without any second thoughts.

“Yes Albert...Yes!...I’ll marry you!” She replies

The young couple hugs each other tightly then they kiss. They have gone though a lot in their lives and soon they will spend the rest of their lives together. They know it will not be easy for them as they face the future and the challenges of life.

Albert Ingalls A young boy who has taken care of himself most of his life. Adopted by the Ingalls family, now dispite his age he takes on the many responsibilities of a man. His love for his future wife Mrs. Sylvia Webb Ingalls is very strong.

Sylvia Webb. A young girl, one of the prettiest in Walnut Grove. Her life nearly shattered and almost ended by a rapist. Only her love for her future husband Albert Ingalls made her strong enough to overcome these odds and become a brave woman.

(Laura Ingalls Wilder narrates)

“Things happened within that year for Albert and Sylvia”

“Mr Webb gave Albert his blessing to him to marry his daughter Sylvia. Albert stayed on their farm helping Mr Webb. As well, he began his training under Doctor Baker to become the future Dr. Albert Quinn Ingalls: M.D.”

“Albert made good on clearing both his and Sylvia’s names. Afterwards no one never bothered Albert and Sylvia again. Especially Mrs Olesen.”

“Sylvia fully recovered from her injures, but during her third month of pregnancy she suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby. Albert, determined not to let this cause a setback again comforted his love and they put this latest tragedy behind them. After this Albert and Sylvia returned to school to explain to their schoolmates why they was not attending for awhile. Sylvia especially wanted to tell the class especially her fellow school girls the horror and shame of being raped and if it wasn’t for Albert and his support she would’ve lost her life. Me and the class was stunned to hear this. After they had finished Albert and Sylvia said goodbye and left the school to begin their wedding plans. I spoke to the class afterwards telling them:” “It was very brave of Albert and Sylvia to speak to you all about this.

“One month later both Albert and Sylvia was finally married in a church ceremony by Reverend Alden. All the town was invited. Even Ma, Pa, Carrie and baby Grace attended. Almonzo was Albert’s best man and I was Sylvia’s bridesmaid. Sylvia wore yellow flowers on her hair and a nice wedding dress which I once wore that I provided for her. Before the ceremony Ma and Pa wanted to talk to Albert to say that they was very proud of him on what he has done and they deeply apologized for not supporting him when he needed them the most. They asked for his forgiveness. Albert forgave them. Ma and Pa welcomed their new daughter- in-law Sylvia Webb Ingalls to the family and Mr. Webb welcomed his new son-in-law.”

“A few weeks after the wedding. Mr Webb suffered a heart attack while working in the fields with Albert on their farm . Before he died he asked Albert to take care of Sylvia. Albert promised that he would. The new Ingalls couple grieved over their newest loss, but their love kept them strong and together.”

“The following year Albert and Sylvia told us that Sylvia was pregnant again with their “own” first child and the family was very happy for them.”

One nice day a couple is walking though the woods hand in hand. As they are on their way home to their farm they near a tree that has a carving on the side. As they look at the carving and it reads “ALBERT LOVES SYLVIA” then they look at each other.

Their faces come together and they kiss. As their kiss ends they start to walk again holding hands.

“I love you Albert.” Sylvia Webb Ingalls says.

“I love you too Sylvia” Albert Ingalls replies back.

The couple’s figures gets smaller and smaller as they go into the woods walking towards home and to their future.

Laura Ingalls Wilder narrating again
“….and they lived happily ever after.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

The End!

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PostSubject: Albert and Sylvia: The Talk back at School   Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:40 am

The 2nd sequel to Sylvia: The Continuation. Albert and Sylvia return back to school to explain why they are not coming back for awhile.

Little House on the Prairie and its characters is owned and copyrighted by NBC UNIVERSAL. No profit OR gain will be used from this story. This story I only want to SHARE with other fans. Mainly to the fans of the young couple ALBERT INGALLS and SYLVIA WEBB (Who are the main focus in this story). Story (c) 2011 Lenell Bridges


Lenell Bridges

One sunny day in Walnut Grove Minnesota in the 19th century. A wagon is leaving a farm that is owned by the Webb family. The 2 horse drawn wagon slowly comes out onto the path that is leading into town.

On the wagon there are two people, a young man and a young woman. The man is driving holding the reins of the horses while the woman sits next to him marveling the beautiful day and the landscape.

The young man is Albert Ingalls and the young woman is his fiancée Sylvia Webb.

“Are you sure you want to do this darling?” Albert says

Sylvia looks at her beau and replies back

“Yes, my love…..It’s the only way we can begin our new life as future husband and wife.” Looking very determined at her love.

Albert looks and smiles at Sylvia and she smiles back at him. He thinks as he drives the wagon. He made the right choice. He couldn’t be happy more. They have been though a lot in their lives and soon both of them will be married and will be happy together forever. This young woman brings him peace, happiness and joy. He couldn’t ask for anything more.

Sylvia smiles as Albert drives and she thinks that this young man will soon belong to her. He has done so much for her. Her mind goes back to the day at school when she gave his books back to him which he left when the day he, Willie and some other boys came to her house to peek at her. Albert apologized to her saying that what they did was silly. She understood and said she had no hard feelings about the incident. He said he would see her later and left and she said goodbye to him. Later, after school as she walked for home she looked back at him.

Sylvia then thinks about that same day in which her life would be changed forever. While walking home she decides to stop and pick some flowers. As she does, she heard some twigs snapping and she went to investigate. When a group of birds suddenly fly upwards in front of her, startling her. Thinking it was the sound that what she heard. She watches the beautiful site as the birds fly away.

Suddenly, from behind she was grabbed by a man in a black jacket and his face covered by a mask of a clown. Sylvia tried to scream, but the man’s gloved hand muffles her mouth. The attacker forces Sylvia to drop her flowers and then dragged her away and he sexually assaulted her.

A few days after her attack and after she went wild against Willie Olsen and a couple of boys as a flashback of the attack. Willie and the same boys wanted to tease her again, but Albert was the only one who came to her defense. Albert tells them to stop teasing Sylvia, but when Willie dares him to make him Albert obliges by punching Willie in the nose. Sylvia looked on as Albert defended her and he told her that they won’t bother her anymore and he leaves. She smiled at him as he was her hero now.

She now thinks about after that day she and Albert saw each other constantly. Their love growing in the process. However, they would had to overcome such odds as Sylvia’s overprotective abusive father, being pregnant from the attack, rumors started by Mrs. Olsen when she overheard a telephone call between Dr. Baker and Mr. Webb. Both her and Albert being outcasted from school due to Willie Olsen telling their friends what his mother told him. Despite these odds both she and Albert were reunited.

Her mind now goes to point when her life would hang in the balance. She ran away from her father one night when he threatened to kill Albert and calling her a whore. She fled seeking shelter at the old Atkins barn from a stormy night. The next morning Albert found her and tried to tell her her father was sorry for what he’s done, but Sylvia refuses to go back, telling Albert that she prefers to be with him. Albert gives in to her plea and decides the only way for them to be happy was for both of them to go away. Telling her to stay in the Atkins barn out of sight Albert proceeded to do the things necessary to start them on their new life. After misleading their fathers, Albert needed money for their trip. So he went to see his boss in town Mr. Hartwig the blacksmith to ask for an advance in his wages, but Hartwig wasn’t at his office so Albert decided to take some money but leaving a note to his boss explaining why and promising to repay the money, but Hart wig returned and though Albert was stealing. Albert explained to the blacksmith that he and Sylvia was running away to get married and begged Hart wig to help them. Mr. Hartwig believes Albert and told him to take the money, get everything he needed from his place and come back to the smith’s shop where he would provide a fresh horse for Sylvia as well as water and feed Albert’s horse for their journey. Unknown to Albert he had disclosed Sylvia’s whereabouts to her rapist that would lead to a deadly confrontation.

At the Atkins barn, the clown rapist attacks her again. Sylvia manages to hit the man with a stick in the face revealing that the attacker is Mr. Hart wig. He blocks the door so Sylvia climbed up an old ladder to escape. Albert arrives seconds later and fights Hart wig to save Sylvia, but the rapist is too much for him. However, as she reaches for the roof the old ladder gives way and Sylvia falls to the ground and suffers critical injures. The rapist is then shot and killed by her pa and Albert’s pa. Charles Ingalls. Albert is then grief-stricken as he saw her motionless on the ground. His pa tells him he will get Dr. Baker.

That night back at the Webb farm Albert had come into her room as she lay in bed. He knew that she was dying and he was crying. After she asked him to kiss her one last time her eyes closed. As she hovered at death’s door. She heard Albert’s voice.

“Don’t let her die. Please?” Albert sobbed as he cradled her as he was praying to God to save her. As he was looking out of Sylvia’s bedroom window to the night heavens.

Then from the heavens a beautiful light came down to the Webb farm. It shone into Sylvia’s bedroom and engulfed Albert and Sylvia. The beautiful light lasted for a few seconds and vanished.

A few minutes later Albert is still cradling Sylvia, still crying thinking that his love is dead and his heart shattered, but then Sylvia’s hand slowly moves to his face.

“I love you Albert.” She softly speaks and she opens her eyes.

Albert opens his eyes and his sadness quickly changes to happiness and relief. His tears of joy streaming down his face.

“Sylvia. …..oh Sylvia!....I love you too!” he holds her tight against him. As he does he looks out the window to the night heavens as a star shines brightly.

“Thank You!... Thank You! From the bottom of my heart!” he says to God as his tears of happiness continue to come down his cheeks.

Sylvia’s mind now returns to the present day as she looks at her beau and leans her head to his shoulder. Happy and contended and especially grateful that she was given another chance in life after what she went through. She owed Albert and God her life and she was not going to waste any of it.

Albert turns his head and looks at her. He is very proud of her he then leans his face down and he kisses her forehead briefly. She looks up at him after that. Each of them knowing how they feel about the other than words can express.

Albert’s mind now thinks about what had happened a month before they decided to return to school to tell Mrs. Wilder, his teacher and sister and the class why he and Sylvia was not returning to school for awhile.

One month before, Sylvia was fixing supper. She was in her third month of pregnancy. Her father Hector Webb had just come in from working on the farm.

“What’s for supper?” Her father asks

“Lamb Stew.” she replies as she stirs the hot pot of stew.

“Where is Albert?” She asks her father

“He’s putting away the horses and plow.. We harvested the wheat and will take it into town to the feed and seed in a few days. We should make a good profit of it.”

“Oh that’s wonderful papa!” Sylvia says.

“Yes.” Her father replies. “Albert has been a great help….I wouldn’t have finished all this work if it wasn’t for him…between going to Dr. Baker for his doctor teachings and working here with me. I don’t know how he does it.”

Sylvia beams a smile to her father. “Maybe because he loves your daughter.” she giggles.

Mr. Webb looks at his daughter as he washes his hands in the bowl of water next to the stove as he smiles back at her “You reap what you sow.” He replies back.

Sylvia giggles again resuming her cooking; as she does her father see something on the floor near her shoes. He is stunned to see that it is blood!

“Sylvie! There is blood dripping near your shoes!” he exclaims.

“What?!” she replies as she looks down to her feet. “Pa!” as she begins to panic.

Hector Webb wastes no time, he goes to his daughter and takes her to her room.
Putting her in bed he tries to comfort her. “Take it easy darling, I’ll get Albert.”

Hurrying to the door Mr. Webb calls to Albert. “Albert! come quick!”

Albert hurries to the house. “Mr. Webb what’s wrong?”

“It’s Sylvie… there was blood near her shoes as she was cooking.”

Albert hurries to their bedroom, he see Sylvia crying in panic.

“It’s alright honey, I’m here!” He assures her as he goes to her side.

Sylvia’s panic begins to lessen as her beloved is here.” I don’t know what’s wrong Albert.”

Albert replies back “Has this happened before?”

“No” Sylvia says “but I did feel a little dizzy a couple days ago”

“Oh? Well, we not going to take any chances. I’ll get Doc Baker.”

Sylvia grabs Albert’s arm “Please Albert…. stay with me.” She pleads.

Mr. Webb comes over to the bed “You stay here with Sylvia, Albert….I’ll get the Doctor” He then turns goes out the door to the barn to get one of his horses.

A while later on the road leading back to the Webb farm Mr. Webb is on his horse and he is being followed by Dr. Baker in his Horse drawn carriage.

Back at the farm an hour later both Albert and Mr. Webb are sitting at the kitchen table waiting to see about Sylvia.

After a few minutes Doc Baker opens the door of Sylvia’s bedroom and comes out. Albert stands up.

“How is she?” He asks.

“She’s going to be fine Albert! She’s resting now….I gave her a shot of morphine to ease any pain she may have when the extractions are done.”

“What do you mean Doctor?” Mr. Webb replies.
“She has suffered a miscarriage Hector…she has lost the baby.” Doc Baker grimly replies.

Albert stands up in shock. Taking in what Doc Baker has said. “Oh no.”

Hector Webb shakes his head in sadness taking a deep breath.

Doc Baker again speaks “It was a good thing you kept her calm Albert. She would’ve gone into shock if you didn’t, and acting fast to curtail the bleeding with clean sheets and boiling water. You did well son! You will make a good doctor soon”

“Thanks Doctor Baker.” Albert replies

“Will Sylvie still have anymore children?” Mr. Webb asks now concerned about his daughter’s future of bearing and hopefully he would have grandchildren someday.

“Hector. Your daughter is a strong and stubborn young woman….yes, she will still have children! All she needs now is to put this behind her and a lot of love.” Doc Baker says.

“She’ll get it Doctor! I assure you.” Mr. Webb looks at him with a determined face. “I have a lot to make up to my daughter!”

Albert smiles at Mr. Webb glad that he is putting his daughter first before anything else and knowing Dr Baker will allow him to handle Sylvia’s recovery.

“Albert! As my apprentice… Sylvia is in your care!” the Doctor orders.

“Yes Doctor” Albert beams back.

Albert’s mind now returns to the present. A whole month had passed since Sylvia’s miscarriage and between him and Mr. Webb she managed to put the last remainments of her misfortune by the rapist Mr. Hartwig behind her, but the scars will still be with her for the rest of her life. Only her love for him manages to suppress her past horror and doing what she wants to do today and that is returning to school to tell their class of fellow students of her attack and rape. Only then she and Albert will be free to finally marry. Sylvia puts her hand on Albert’s hand squeezing it gently. The town is not far for them now.

Meanwhile, in town at Hanson’s Mill, Charles Ingalls and his son in law Almonzo Wilder are working cutting wood for an order.

“Almonzo. We have another order to do after break.” Charles says

“Ok Charles” Almonzo replies “Let’s shut it down.”

Charles Ingalls goes over to the big waterfall mill wheel and stops it’s movement so the saw blade can shut down. After doing so he goes over to join his daughter’s husband for their coffee break on the bench.

Just as they do so Almonzo see something.

“Charles look!” Almonzo says.

Charles Ingalls looks to see as he and Almonzo see a wagon coming across the small bridge before entering town. On the wagon are Albert and Sylvia.

“Hello! Albert! Sylvia!” Almonzo says

Albert and Sylvia see the two men and responds back.

“Hello Mr. Wilder! Hello Mr. Ingalls!” Sylvia replies back

“Hello Sylvia!” Charles says

“Hello Almonzo!” Albert says but he doesn’t say anything to his Pa as the wagon passes by them.

Almonzo is stunned that Charles and Albert didn’t speak to each other.
“Charles…you and Albert didn’t speak to each other. Is anything wrong?” Almonzo says a little concerned.

“No Almonzo….nothing is wrong at all.” The elder Ingalls replies as he sits back down on the bench for his coffee break.

Almonzo thinking that his father-in-law is not telling him the truth decides not to press the issue. If Charles and Albert have problems between each other it must be resolved between them.

As the wagon approaches the church that also serves as the school. The school bell is ringing for the children to start school. Sylvia looks at Albert as he drives. She could see the angry look on his face at his Pa. Just as she had finally made peace with her Pa. She hopes that her beau will do the same for his Pa one day. Albert left his home to be with her after his parents refused to support him in marrying her. She will respect his decision not to have spoken to his Pa.

“Whoaaaaa!” Albert pulls back on the reins slowing the horses and wagon to a complete stop.

Albert climbs off the wagon first and helps Sylvia off. Albert then looks at her.

“You ready my love?” he says

“Ready as I’ll ever be” she says

Taking each other’s hand the young couple walks up the stairs to the school.
Inside, teacher Laura Ingalls Wilder is starting her class.

“Ok Class today we will start on.” Laura stops as she sees her brother and Sylvia Webb.

“Laura… I mean Mrs. Wilder….Can we come in?” Albert says. As the class all turn around and see them.

“Yes, Albert. You and Sylvia can come in.” she replies: surprised to see them after all these weeks away after Mrs. Olesen spreaded the false rumors about them.

Albert and Sylvia hold hands as they go to the front of the classroom as the students watch them. One of the students Willie Olesen seems about to say something to cause trouble for them, but at the last second holds back. He learned his lesson after Albert punched him a second time for calling Sylvia a tramp. He knows Albert will viciously defend his girl. So Willie remains quiet.

Reaching the front to Mrs. Wilder’s desk the couple talks to the teacher.

“Can me and Albert speak to your class Mrs. Wilder? We have something important to say to them.” Sylvia asks.

“It won’t take long either Laura.” Albert says. “And we want you to hear this also”
Laura seeing the seriousness to this matter replies “Of course Albert…you and Sylvia go right ahead.”

The young couple turns from the teacher to the class. Albert speaks first.

“Sylvia and I have something to say to all of you that which is important that you hear. As all of you may know there was some rumors about both us that were not true which was started by Mrs. Olsen, but the main reason for those rumors was started because myself and a few other boys wanted go to Sylvia’s house to leer at her. At first I didn’t want to tag along, but I did and it was a bad stupid idea, because it caused trouble, and I apologized to both Sylvia and her father.”

Now Sylvia speaks. Her moment of truth at hand.

“What Albert said is true, but what happened next is maybe a very upsetting to some of you so please hear me out because to the girls in class it could happen to you. After school that same day the school board had a meeting with me about the incident. I was walking home and a man attacked me and I was raped.”

The class is stunned at Sylvia’s announcement the children look at each other. Even Laura is astounded by the relavation.

“I didn’t know who the man was as he covered his face with a mask which was a clown’s face. What he did to me was horrible and humiliating. My father told me not to tell anyone about it and I didn’t. It was only months later when I found out that I was pregnant when the rumors about Albert and me was started.”

“Albert was not the father of my child. The real father was the man who attacked me who was really Mr. Hartwig the blacksmith. (The class is stunned again) I hit him in the face when he attacked me again which knocked his mask off. He might have raped me again if Albert hadn’t tried to save me, but I fell off a ladder trying to escape from him.”

Albert speaks again.

“Hartwig will never hurt Sylvia or any girl again as he was killed by Sylvia’s Pa and my Pa. As a result of him Sylvia almost died, but she was given another chance by God hearing my plea. …We both decided we will not be attending school for awhile and the reason is we love each other and next month we are getting married!... and you all, your folks and the town are invited to our wedding!”

The class is again stunned and then they begin to clap to the couple. Laura comes around happy at the two.

“Congratulations Albert and Sylvia!” she says

“Thank you Mrs. Wilder.” Sylvia says “We would like for you to be my bridesmaid.”

“And we would like Almonzo to be my best man.” Albert says

Laura is very flattered by the request and happily says “We would be much honored to do so Albert and Sylvia!”

The young couple smiles at their former teacher and turns back to the class. Albert speaks to them again.

“Well, that’s all we both have to say to all of you. Goodbye to all of you.”

“Me too, Goodbye!” Sylvia speaks, and then the couple takes each other’s hand and begins to walk towards the door. Then Willie Olesen rises up from his desk and speaks.

“Albert! Sylvia!” he says. The couple stops to look at him.

“I wanted to say is that I’m sorry for what my mother and I did to both of you. What we did was wrong and can you both forgive me.”

Sylvia and Albert look at each other and nod their heads at each other then they look at Willie.

“Yes, Willie we forgive you.” Sylvia replies and both she and Albert smile at Willie.
The Olsen young man smiles back at them. “Good Luck!” he says and sits back down next to his classmate, young lady Rachael Brown.

“Thanks Willie” Albert says

“Thank You Willie” Sylvia says

The couple continues going to and out the front door of the school. Mrs. Wilder addresses her class. As they are silent taking in all that was said.

“It was very brave of Albert and Sylvia to speak to you all about this…. Now let’s begin with spelling.” as she starts her class again.

After walking down the school steps. Albert helps Sylvia back on to the wagon and he gets back on. He looks at her.

“You did fine darling...I’m so proud of you!” Albert proudly beams.

Sylvia breathes a deep breath now that a major hurdle has been cleared. She is relived now that she and Albert can clearly be married.

“Thank you darling.” she replies

The couple brings their faces together and they kiss deeply. Not caring they are on the street. After their passionate interlude then Albert takes the reins of the horses.

“Let’s go home….We have a wedding to get ready for! Heyaaaa!” he says and the horses start pulling their wagon. Turning around, heading out of town towards their farm.

As the wagon crosses the little bridge Sylvia sees the post office and next to the post is the blacksmith shop that was owned by the late Irv Hartwig. However, she is not afraid anymore for it bringing back memories of her former rapist, but the love of Albert Ingalls has set her free from him! She and Albert look at each other.

“I love you Sylvia.” Albert says.

“I love you too Albert.” Sylvia says.

The wagon goes down the road leading to the Webb farm and the following month a young couple will wed down the holy path of matrimony.

The End!
(For now! to be Continued!)

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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:14 am

That's really great! You are really skilled for writing....and I sure like your happy end. I've always liked happy ends, since I'm VERY old fashioned abd very romantic. HeeHee Thumbsup


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PostSubject: Albert and Sylvia: The Talk of Albert and Mr. Webb   Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:34 am

Little House on the Prairie and its characters is owned and copyrighted by NBC UNIVERSAL. No profit OR gain will be used from this story. This story I only want to SHARE with other fans. Mainly to the fans of the young couple ALBERT INGALLS and SYLVIA WEBB (Who are the main focus in this story).


Lenell Bridges

On the farm that is owned by the Webb Family in the 19th Century in Walnut Grove Minnesota.

Two young people are sitting on a bed in a room holding hands and from time to time kissing each other.

The young man is Albert Quinn Ingalls, the son of the Ingalls family.

The young woman is Sylvia Webb, the daughter of Hector Webb. Her father and owner of their farm.

It has been a couple of hours since Albert returned to his Sylvia after making a decision to leave his home to be with her after his adopted parents refused to support him in taking Sylvia as his wife.

Sylvia, on the other hand was still recovering from her fall and near death experience due to the late rapist Irv Hartwig. As well to now finally making peace with her Pa who has now changed and is trying to make serious amends with his only daughter.

It has been a few hours since Albert and Sylvia proposed marriage to each other and they was waiting for Mr. Webb to return back to the house after finishing his chores and leaving Albert and Sylvia to themselves for awhile.

“You think your Pa will accept what I have to say to him darling?” Albert says who is a little nervous.

Sylvia leans her head to her beau as Albert holds her.

“I think he will my love…after what we’ve been through…why shouldn’t he.”

Albert looks at her, still having doubts in his mind, but seeing her beautiful face and lovely smile his doubts slowly fade.

Then the couple hears a sound at the front door. The door opens and Sylvia’s father Hector Webb comes into the house.

Mr. Webb goes over to the wash pan by the stove and after a few minutes washing up a bit and drying off with a towel. He takes a deep breath and goes to his daughter’s bedroom door and knocks on it.

“Come in papa.” Sylvia says after hearing the door knock.

Mr. Webb enters the room and sees his daughter with her beau on the bed. “How do you feel Sylvie?” he asks.

“Better papa! Better and very happy!” she replies.

Seeing the happiness in his daughter Mr. Webb continues. “Albert… you said you wanted to talk to me.”

Albert looks at his love for a second then he gets up and after taking a deep breath he then says his peace.

“Mr. Webb…I love your daughter and I love her very much……I left my home for her and would give my life for her…I will do everything I can to make her happy….I’m going to be training under Doctor Baker to become a doctor and if it’s ok with you I would like to help you around your farm so I can watch over Sylvia as she recovers. I’m sure you could use some extra help. I will obey your rules and won’t be any trouble to you and last sir…..I’m asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage.” Albert finally concludes with all of his heart.

Mr. Webb after hearing Albert’s peace says his own.

“Albert….before you came back to the farm I had a serious talk with my daughter about you and from what I just heard from you, I’m very sure you will care for her.”

After a brief pause Mr. Webb continues.

“You have my approval to marry Sylvia.”

Albert smiles happily and turns to look at Sylvia who is holding her hands and happily smiling, then Albert goes to her bed and the couple hugs each other tightly.

Mr. Webb continues “However, Albert! But under certain conditions.”

Both Albert and Sylvia stop their hugging and look at Mr. Webb. Albert lets go of Sylvia and stands again looking at Mr. Webb.

“Yes sir.” Albert responds back.

“Until the day you and Sylvia marry you must NOT have any sexual contact with my daughter! You can stay here on the farm and help me as Sylvie mends from her wounds. Tomorrow we will move Sylvie into my room as we work on her room to make room for you to stay in. You can sleep in there with her but it will be separated for her privacy and yours.” Mr. Webb says.

Albert replies back.

“It’s okay Mr. Webb,…my parents did this when I moved in with them….They put up a long sheet to give me and my sister Laura privacy when we shared our upper loft at home.

“Good” Mr. Webb continues. “I’m doing this son because my daughter went through a terrible, brutal attack and she may have nightmares about it and with you by her side she will feel at ease at night.”

Albert knew that Mr. Webb was “testing” him to see if he will obey his strictest rule in order to marry Sylvia. Albert had known about sex for a long time. Even when he was on his own. He turns around and looks at his beloved Sylvia and sees a little concern on her face. Yes! For the sake of her and their future of becoming husband and wife he will pass this “test” of her father’s.

“I love your daughter sir! And I vow not to betray your trust in your rule not to have sex with her until we are married.” Albert says with a determined face.

Mr. Webb nods his head in approval as Sylvia happily smiles at both Albert and her father.

Laura Ingalls Wilder narrates

The next day Albert and Mr. Webb set forth to work on Sylvia’s room so Albert can sleep in. Albert worked hard with Mr Webb those few days. Doctor Baker came by the Webb place to check on Sylvia and saw she was making progress in her recovery.

As well he gave Albert some books on doctoring and told him he can start his training on becoming a doctor after Sylvia fully recovers and there was no rush.

Soon Sylvia’s room was finished. Albert and Mr. Webb had made a new Bed for Albert and a long sheet spread across the room dividing both Sylvia’s and Albert’s sections of the room for Privacy.

A few nights later Albert and Sylvia are getting ready for bed on their respected sides of the room. Sylvia was finishing a school book she is reading while Albert had just finished putting on his nightgown. He goes up to the sheet.

“Sylvia… can I come around?” he says.

Sylvia stops her reading and replies “Yes Albert you can”

Albert goes around the sheet and comes up to his love.

“I just wanted to kiss you goodnight. ….I’m going in, it’s been a long day finishing up the room.” He says, then, he and Sylvia hug each other

Sylvia holds him tightly. “I love you Albert!” she replies

“I love you too Sylvia.” he replies “Plus don’t worry, if you need me I’m right behind the sheet….just call me.

Sylvia looks at her beau. She knows he will be next to her, but a sheet will keep them apart.

Albert somehow senses her frustraightion puts his hands to the sides of her face. “I know how you feel my love, but soon we will be married and sleeping together in the same bed.” He says.

Sylvia smiles at him. “I can’t wait to marry you and I’m GOING to marry you!” she happily says.

The couple then puts their faces together and they kiss.

“Good night my love!” Sylvia says

“Good night too my love!” Albert says. He then goes over to the Kerosene lamp and blows out the flame and goes back around the sheet to his bed.

The young couple snuggle in the comfort of their beds and soon both are fast asleep.

They know it won’t be long before that they are finally married and the wait will be worth it.

After a few minutes that the couple is fast asleep. The door to the room open sliently and slowly and Mr. Webb looks in on Sylvia and Albert checking on them.

Mr. Webb smiles as he sees both his daughter and her beau are sleeping in their separate areas. He knew that Albert would keep his word and seeing this he sliently smiles and closes the door slowly and heads back to his own room to sleep knowing his daughter is in good hands with a young man he once threaten to kill, but has proven once again that he really loves his Sylvie.

The End. (To be continued)
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PostSubject: ALBERT AND SYLVIA: THE WEDDING   Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:38 am

Little House on the Prairie and its characters is owned and copyrighted by NBC UNIVERSAL. No profit OR gain will be used from this story. This story I only want to SHARE with other fans. Mainly to the fans of the young couple ALBERT INGALLS and SYLVIA WEBB (Who are the main focus in this story).



Lenell Bridges

The town of Walnut Grove Minnesota in the 19th century.

In one of the rooms of Nellie’s Restaurant and Hotel a young man is busy adjusting his necktie to his new Sunday suit as he gets ready for the most important day of his life.

For he is about to get married today at church.

The man’s name is Albert Quinn Ingalls and he’s about to marry his love of his life: Sylvia Webb.

He looks at himself in the room’s mirror as he finishes adjusting his tie and puts on his jacket. He smiles as he looks in the mirror and says to himself in a low voice. “This is it. This is the day! In a few minutes Sylvia and I will say our vows and we will be man and wife today and forever.”

He now thinks how will married life will be for both of them. He knows it will not sometimes be easy, but that will be in the future. Right now he wants more than ever to marry his Sylvia; she brings him joy, peace and happiness. Her beautiful eyes, wonderful brown hair and laughter. He made the right choice to be with her after leaving his home a few months ago.

Speaking of his old home in his mind has Albert thinking if his folks and their children: his sisters Carrie and Baby Grace will be at his wedding. He hopes that they do for it will make things even better.

Albert then reminds himself. He can’t worry about if his step-family will attend his wedding. If they want to come, they will come, but he has to think about his future now. His future of being with the young woman that he chose to be with…..and her name is Sylvia Webb. He will love her the way as she was meant to be loved. She has gone though so much in her life and she deserves to be happy with him, he is very happy with her.

Meanwhile, in one of the other rooms in the hotel the bride-to-be Sylvia Webb is busy doing her own last minute adjustments to her wedding dress. Looking in the mirror Sylvia thinks that in a few minutes she will marry Albert. She is sure Albert will be proud to see her in this beautiful dress. It belonged to her school teacher Mrs. Wilder and it was nice of her to let Sylvia have it for her wedding day. She remembers the day Mrs. Wilder brought it to her at home.

A few weeks back.

Sylvia is sitting in her chair by the fireplace busy sewing one of her father’s shirts when the front door knocks.

“Just a minute.” She says as she puts her work down and goes to the door. When she opens the door it is her school teacher Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder. And she’s holding a big box.

“Hello Ms Wilder.” Sylvia says, “Come in.”

“Hello Sylvia.” Laura replies “Thank you.” As she comes in Sylvia asks

“You want to see Albert? He and my father just went into the fields to plow.”

“No Sylvia, I just came to see you.” Laura says. “…and I have something for you.”

Laura gives Sylvia the box, Sylvia opens it, and she is surprised to see that it is a wedding dress!

“Mrs. Wilder! It’s It’s so beautiful! Sylvia says.

“I wore this when I married Almonzo, so it’s only fitting that I give it to you to wear to your wedding to Albert in a few weeks.” Laura replies.

Sylvia’s eyes begin to glisten with tears. “Thank you Mrs. Wilder!” Sylvia says choking up.

Laura smiles at her formal student. “You and Albert did a very brave thing Sylvia, by talking to the class a few weeks ago. You both really hit on them with your story… It even shocked me, but I’m very glad that you both came out of your ordeal….and I hope you both will be happy together.”

“Thank you again Mrs. Wilder.” Sylvia happily smiles.

Laura walks up to Sylvia and takes her hands in hers. “Just love my brother just as he loves you. Sylvia.” Laura says.

“I will Mrs. Wilder! I promise!” Sylvia beams happily.

Laura then hugs her future sister-in-law as Sylvia hugs her. Then Laura begins to leave.

“Bye Sylvia! We will see you at the wedding.” Laura says as she walks out the door.

“Goodbye Mrs. Wilder! And thanks for everything!” Sylvia replies, watching her teacher go to her buckboard wagon.

Closing the door. Sylvia happily spins around and hugs her wedding dress to her body. She then walks to the window looking to the sky.

“Thank you Lord! Thank You for this new chance and thank you for my Albert!” she tearfully says.

Sylvia’s mind now returns to the present, smiling happily looking at herself in the mirror as she finishes up putting on a few yellow flowers on her hair. Just as her door opens and her father Hector Webb in his dress suit enters.

“We are ready down…...” as he suddenly stops as he sees the beautiful sight of his daughter in her wedding dress before his eyes.

“You look very lovely Sylvie,” he speaks. As he goes to her putting his hands on her shoulders. “I’m sure you and Albert will be very happy together. I wish your Ma was here to see this.”

Sylvia smiles at her Pa, “Papa... I’m happy now.” And then she hugs her Pa tightly “I love you Pa! And I know Ma would be happy too! Thank you Pa for allowing me and Albert to marry.”

Her father smiles. “You’re welcome my daughter….and soon to be Mrs. Sylvia Webb Ingalls.” he says.

Sylvia smiles again happily and replies “You reap what you sow” using her father’s motto and she giggles.

Hector Webb seeing the sense of humor in her replies “Well we better get over to the church.” He takes Sylvia’s hand and they walk to and out the door to the stairs.

Back in Albert’s room he is about to leave as well for the church then there is a knock on his door.

“Come in” he says.

The door opens and standing in the doorway is Charles Ingalls and his wife Caroline.

“Albert. Can we talk to you for a moment?” his father asks

Albert sees his adopted parents and deep inside his anger is about to flare up, but this is the most important day of his life. He keeps it in check for the sake of Sylvia and their future.

“Sure Pa…go ahead.”

Charles and Caroline hold hands coming in to the room and then Charles closes the door.

“You look wonderful Albert.” his Ma says marveling at her son in his Sunday suit..

“Thank You Ma” Albert says

Charles then speaks.

“Albert….I know that we hurt you, we thought you wasn’t ready for marriage. We thought you was still a boy, but we have been hearing that you and Sylvia have done a lot. From Laura, from Doc Baker, plus Reverend Alden told us a few things……You both have proven that you two are just as much as grown up as we are. What we are trying to say to you son is that we are so sorry for not supporting you when you needed us Albert. We want to support you now….Can you ever forgive us?

Albert looks at his parents, thinking then his Ma, Caroline speaks tears glistening in her eyes.

“Please Albert! Will you forgive us?” she pleads

Albert’s bottom lip was beginning to uncontrollably quiver; He slowly starts to walk then he lunges forward to his parents throwing both arms around them until he was hugging them hard. Tears going down his face.

“Yes! Ma and Pa! I forgive you!” He says.

They all hold on to each other for a few moments more. Then Charles says “Let’s get down to the church! Our son doesn’t want to miss his wedding.”

Taking a hankerchief Albert wipes his face and dries his tears. As they leave he says.

“I love you Ma and Pa and thank you for coming to my wedding!”

Charles and Caroline smile at their son and they all go out the room and head over to the church.

At the school/church, last minute activities are being done. Laura and Almonzo are putting vases of Flowers to the front near Reverend Alden’s podium as he gets ready to perform the ceremony. While many of the town are sitting in the pews waiting for the ceremony to begin. Mr. and Mrs. Olesen. Willie Olesen is in front of them sitting next to Rachel Brown and her father. Nellie Olsen and her husband Percival Dalton are in the next row holding their newborn twins son and daughter. Doc Baker is sitting with them. Mrs. Foster the post office lady is at the organ getting ready to play the wedding theme.

Just then Charles and Caroline come in to the church with their son Albert.

Albert’s parents take their seats with their children Carrie and baby Grace as Albert goes to the front of the aisle to the podium.

Laura and Almonzo take their places. Almonzo by Albert’s right side and Laura at the far left as Reverend Alden motions for quiet in the church and then Mrs. Foster begins to play the wedding theme on the church organ.

In the back Hector Webb appears in the back of the church and he starts bringing his daughter Sylvia down the aisle holding her by the arm.

Albert smiles as he sees his beloved. She looks very beautiful in her wedding dress and not only that he sees that she is wearing her hair up and she will belong to him in a few moments.

Sylvia smiles as she sees her beloved. She sees her “man” and he will belong to her in a few moments.

Sylvia and her father reach the podium then Mr. Webb beaming with pride looks at his daughter and then lets go of Sylvia’s arm and stands next to Almonzo as Sylvia goes over and stands next to Albert in front of Reverend Alden’s podium.

Reverend Alden speaks:

“Dearly beloved…we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman on the holy bond of matrimony…if there is anyone here who thinks that this marriage should not take place. Let them speak now or forever, hold their peace.”

There is silence. Not even Mrs. Olesen says anything.

Reverend Alden speaks again. “The rings please and Albert and Sylvia please put the rings on your fingers.”

Almonzo steps forward and gives Albert the two wedding rings. Then Albert gives one to Sylvia. Albert puts his ring on Sylvia’s finger and Sylvia puts her ring on Albert’s finger.

“Do you, Albert Quinn Ingalls; take this woman Sylvia Webb to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health? Till death do you part?" Reverend Alden says.

“I do.” Albert says.

“Do you, Sylvia Webb, take this man Albert Quinn Ingalls to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health? Till death do you part?" the Reverend says.

“I do.” Sylvia says

“Then both of you hold hands and repeat after me.” The minister says “With this ring I thee wed.”

Albert and Sylvia hold hands “With this ring I thee wed.” They both say at the same time.

"Then by the power invested in me, and by our holy God Jesus Christ. I now pronounce you husband, and wife."

Proudly smiling at the excited expressions their faces, Reverend Alden nodded then replied,”Albert. You may kiss your bride."

Albert, warmly smiling down at Sylvia. Albert’s hand reached down until he was cupping the underneath of her chin. As he tenderly deeply kissed her, the entire room of the church began to clap and cheer.

Ms. Foster begins to play the ending of the wedding theme and the newly married couple begins to leave out of the church.

As they go happily outside, holding hands to their waiting wagon, the crowd throws rice at them as they go. After getting on to their buckboard wagon. Sylvia happily throws her bouquet of flowers to the crowd and it is caught by Rachael Brown who is next to Willie Olesen.

Albert takes the reigns to the wagon and says “Heyaaa” and the horses start the wagon moving forward and taking the new bride and groom to their honeymoon.

The crowd waves them on as some of the children chase after the wagon.

Hector Webb is next to Charles Ingalls and his family. All of them smile as they watch their son-in-law and daughter-in-law ride off to happiness.

“You have a great son there Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls.” Mr Webb proudly says.

“ and you have a wonderful daughter there too Mr. Webb.” Caroline Ingalls proudly says.

On the wagon Sylvia and Albert express their love.

“I love you Mrs Ingalls.” Albert Quinn Ingalls says.

“I love you too Mr. Ingalls.” Sylvia Webb Ingalls says.

The wagon goes down the path road and soon goes out of sight. Taking a newly married couple to whatever life has in store for them.

The End!
(For now! to be Continued!)
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:39 am

Hey! You made your story so REAL and sweet I'm really sad I can't watch it in TV...I love the part in which Albert reconciliates with her step-family. KNowing the TV characters on the show this could have easily happened that way Smile .

Congrats! Hope I could read some more good stories from you here in the Fan Fiction Fortum! Applause happy1


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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:58 am

Vanesa wrote:

Hey! You made your story so REAL and sweet I'm really sad I can't watch it in TV...I love the part in which Albert reconciliates with her step-family. KNowing the TV characters on the show this could have easily happened that way Smile .

Congrats! Hope I could read some more good stories from you here in the Fan Fiction Fortum! Applause happy1


Thank You very much! Glad you like the story. More is coming! Seeing this reply makes me feel proud! grinsmiley Smile
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:54 pm

Thanks for sharing your stories, lenellbr. You're a really good writer!
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:32 am

I surely enjoyed al the alternative "ends" you wrote for "Sylvia's story". I loved all of them a great deal...


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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:33 am

And you have reasons to be proud of your stories! Smile


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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:50 am

Vanesa wrote:

Hey! You made your story so REAL and sweet I'm really sad I can't watch it in TV...I love the part in which Albert reconciliates with her step-family. KNowing the TV characters on the show this could have easily happened that way Smile .

Congrats! Hope I could read some more good stories from you here in the Fan Fiction Fortum! Applause happy1


I have ONE more story of our couple. but I'm waiting for the moderator to clear it BEFORE I post it due to it's content.
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:53 am

Rob wrote:
Thanks for sharing your stories, lenellbr. You're a really good writer!


You are Welcome! seeing this also makes me feel proud! Thanks alot Rob! I appericate it! I always loved Albert and Sylvia. Sometimes the fans do a better job writing then the Pros!
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Fri May 31, 2013 1:10 pm

this is good!

“It was a huge shock when it came and very excited“

This was the duchess of cambridges take on how she felt when William proposed during their official engagement interview with ITN reporter Tom Bradby. There was a real giggle at the end. Cute.
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:04 am

Thank you very much! Sorry for my long delay getting back to you.
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:45 pm

I know how hard it is! your Story's are really good.
Have you ever thought of doing writing as a job??? Applause

“It was a huge shock when it came and very excited“

This was the duchess of cambridges take on how she felt when William proposed during their official engagement interview with ITN reporter Tom Bradby. There was a real giggle at the end. Cute.
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PostSubject: Re: New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.   

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New Story: Sylvia: The Continuation.
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