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 In the Name of the People : El Salvador's Civil War

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PostSubject: In the Name of the People : El Salvador's Civil War    Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:48 pm

A lot of you know that I was born in El Salvador and experienced part of the civil war a child but like thousands of other people, I left my country and came here, I was 8 yrs old.
I have a lot of great memories and experiences of my childhood in El Salvador that I wouldn't trade for anything, but since it was also a time when war was raging, (specially my last year there) I also experienced scary things, not even churches were safe, the government did nothing for you... you are alone and up to only you to survive. So, even though as kids we had good times when we played, in the middle of that, we also learned some survival skills like how to throw ourselves on the ground and pretend we were dead in case something broke out, how to hide, etc. My 6 year old brother would make sure my mom had her ID card whenever she went out because it was very common to be stopped by a soldier or guerrilla member and ask to show our ID.

I found this documentary online yesterday (narrated by Martin Sheen) and wanted to share it here so you have an idea of what life was like back then and how the guerrilla operated.

IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE is the record of four filmmakers who secretly entered El Salvador, marched with a guerrilla column across the troubled country, and followed it into combat against government forces in San Salvador. The civil war is given a personal dimension as we meet the insurgents and their supporters - a guerrilla commander, a 12 year old messenger, a peasant family victimized by right wing death squads, and Charlie Clements, an American doctor working with the rebels.

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In the Name of the People : El Salvador's Civil War
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