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 little house in mansifieldpart1

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PostSubject: little house in mansifieldpart1   Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:56 am

jenny wilder walked out of h rroom of the wilders house in mansifilds missouri , tiptoed down the steps doing her best to not mak a sound all the way to the kitchen where she softly and quietly opened the door and ran to the apple trees wwith was the place hr and her boyfrind clay thomas met. clay thomas was lied a few farms away form them and was eighteen years of age when jenny was only fiften. they were secretly courting because jenny knew uncle monzo didnt lik clay becaus ehe once hadnt gottn drunkl and stole horse( he claimed he borrowed it) and he had courted twevle girls bfore and he hadnt gotten the reeputaion of playboy. well when she came to the apple tree where they have carved j.w heart c.w the tall handsome clay thomas who had broad shoulders a perfect small mustace and dark hair with semmed perfct. they then held hands and talk a strowl __________________________________________________________________ after the whole town of walnut grove was exploded back in the late eighteen eighties the whole town had now moved to missouri toa town that was a ghost town witht he xceptions of eight families. mr. and mrs oleson brought the general store and the hotel /resurant and they brought two houses they would be for ent for the citizens of mansifield. most of the towns residents were from wlanut grove including charls and caroline and their family that ahav emovd fromt he city of buroak iowa to being farmers again. james was nineteen year olds and carrie was eighteen and was working at the mansifield gaziette and casandra was sixteen years old and was waiting to get a teacher ceritificate while grac was eight years old. marya nd adam kendall had a summer house and would be arriving anyday to say at the oleson hotel.nancy was sixteen years old and had taken her finals with shjowed that she ahd allt he education that was nedd and now she listned to people conversations on the telephone( since she was the operator) and she was trying to get twenty year old jeb cartd to start courting her a little while ago like a few month jeb cart and jenny wilder had fought and then ndd their relationship but now the twenty year old man who ownd a farm often looked at her and wanted to punch clay thomas. he knew he still lvod hr and deep in jenn yheart she knew that she still loved him. the wilders brought an apple orchard and thye named their farm rocky ridge. almonzo lovd the work and he ahd gotten to boy to work as hired hands theyw ere lik a part of the family their nams wer abe and paul coley, abe coley was in his teens while paul was the xact same age of rose. oneday as tw wilder house laura looked at on of ehr emeberence books and then begain writing a stoey. a story about her ma and paa and hwo theyw met she thne sent it too sarah carter new news papper the missouri ruralist. the next day when sarah cam ove rto her house for coffee their was a grin on her face and when she came close she saaid to laura" your publisshed" " iam "n she said and thn the face of trror thats eh ahd thats he might not be published turn to excitement. laura then spear her hands out wide and hugged sarah and then she ran out int he fields and told abe and almonzo. the rest is to be contuneud in the next edition
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little house in mansifieldpart1
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