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    Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:36 pm
    Message by Gin - A shot of Gin...
    MORNING! Thought I would finally get around to an actual PM. I've only sent you drive-by pms lately. Things have been busy and stupid around here. I am looking forward to some quiet moments in the next 6 weeks til Nathan moves back home for the summer. He is never quiet so with him the house bounces all the time. lol

    I've been a bit down lately because I just can't keep enough work coming in to make the money needed. Nathan being in college is killing us sometimes. I know you know what that is all about....

    I was cleaning the church, and three houses but one by one all but one house is gone. I had a house that was 5 min. from me EASY clean, but the mom ended up with a sexual harrassment issue at work and quit. They have a daughter and she thinks now is a good time to have another SO....I lost her. Got another one to replace her the next week but that lady was a little " TOO EARTHY". She didn't want me to use aerosol cans, anything with strong scents or harsh abrassives. I so wanted to ask her if cleaning in the nude would be a good natural way to clean. Anyway...I hung in there dealing with her smiley, woodstocky self. UNTIL....The third week came along and I pulled up and noticed a man sitting in the kitchen. At this point I had not met her hubby so I assumed that was him. (He is a gyno doc.) The guy answered the door, looked at me in question. I explained who I was and he grunted and let me in. I was always left a TO DO list and my money in the dining room. On reading her note she said that there would be two German house guests staying with them til the next day. I looked into the kitchen to see the other guy and a butt load of breakfast they had fixed. At this point I'm thinking HELL NO. I go outside and call Clay. I just didn't feel good about staying in that 3,000 sq ft house with two strange men. Clay told me to write her a note and leave. The lady is a HS English teacher so I knew it would be after school that she would call me. That gave me some time to think about all of this. The past few times I had cleaned she called me twice each evening to ask about something being cleaned or how I cleaned it. I was under way to much stress for the money. SO when she called I told her she needed to have called to tell me they were there and that respect goes both ways. She just needed to find someone else , didn't think we were a good workable team.

    The next house I found was an elderly couple from church....she was a 75 yr old DIVA. I should have known better. She only wanted me once a month. I cleaned once and three weeks later when I approached her at church to set a time to come out again she told me i had left several things undone. WHY she waited 3 weeks to tell me is beyond me. Anyway...she didn't want me back.

    I am at the resolve that I am not supposed to do a mega run on the cleaning. The church and the one house is working fine. So....I am just praying that funds will be there somehow.

    I have a photoshoot in two weeks, but haven't done a thing with that in a long time. I get so upset about the photography and now doing these drawings....I have no idea where this is going. I'm just using my spare time now to practice and get better at it. Maybe thats the plan....I need $ from something tho.

    Nathan really needs to get a workstudy next year. He has made a little giving private lessons at the high school so that has helped. He will work this summer at Kroger again. He needs a car so bad, but we just cant do it right now.

    Okay...enough about me...... Sounds like your weekend with your guys was awesome. Glad you can do fun things when Brendan is home.

    How are things with your Mom? I was seeing on the news about Deep Brain Simulation. Not sure if you know about that, or if that is something you could look into. My stepdad has early Parkensons and it was used for those patients too. He just retired again, and I worry he will start to go down not having as much to do now. He will be 69 in Aug.

    Now...as for the fireplace: Clay walks by it all the time and says " That looks so good." I look at it all the time and think of you...lol . I was seriously determined to figure it all out. Its so easy but til you get the look you want and need its tricky. I will stalk you a bit more carefully with your next venture, but your glamore is so tempting. lol

    Hope our TC meeting goes well. Rhonda has just about quit us. (The whole forum in general) She is just down I think....but I think the last straw for her was the thread about the guy she can't see because of his divorce. She pmd me wanting backup, and although I agreed with her I told her religious things are not always a good topic. I just didn't see the point. Anyway....she is just in a deep hole still. She is fighting to get disablity and I need to check and see if she has had the hearing for that yet. Anyway.... Hope your day is going well.....I'm looking forward to Dancing tonight. TTY soon....Gin
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