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 Post Padding in the Forum

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PostSubject: Post Padding in the Forum   Post Padding in the Forum EmptyFri Jun 17, 2011 2:09 pm

Post Padding in the Forum Smiley-typing-computer Hello everyone!

I decided to post a notice about 'Post Count Padding' on the forum.

What is Post Padding?
This is when a member makes a post just to increase their post count. These might include just one or two word responses or smilies or something that is not really worth posting or is irrelevant to the conversation.

As you know, as our number of posts in this forum increases, we get to have a Keepership and later a custom rank and title. This comes in time, so please try to avoid making all kinds short word posts just so that you can increase your post count.

I understand that in the Games Section, playing certain games require you to only post one word, but in other sections on the forum, try to contribute a little more to the topic.

Remember, the purpose of our forum is to provide and share information with each other, talking about Little House and about everything and anything. Most importantly ... having fun. It is understandable that sometimes we will post a one word answer or a single smiley, but let's try not to do it too much and contribute a little more to a topic.

Let's have more of these: Post Padding in the Forum Goodpost-t and less of these: Post Padding in the Forum Free-sign-smileys-333


So, this is just a friendly reminder to the members to contribute a little more with their posts. Doing so will keep the Little House Forum a warm, friendly and inviting place. Wink

~Shirley Post Padding in the Forum Grouphug
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Post Padding in the Forum
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