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 Season 3 ditty

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PostSubject: Season 3 ditty   Sat Sep 08, 2007 10:50 pm

Have you ever heard the story about the Monster of Walnut Grove?
Well, it started when a little girl lost came upon a cove
It was during a March blizzard with strong winds and blowing snow
She had lost her way and didn’t know which way to go
She was cold and tired and hungry, too
And she really didn’t know what she should do
She went for a walk right after the collection in church
And became fascinated on her stroll by a beautiful bird in a tall birch
This bird she nicknamed Fred flew from tree to tree
As if he were saying “follow me, follow me.”
They flew through the forest with the little girl yelling “Ill Ride the wind”
And by the time she reached the cove she knew she had sinned
She was miles away from any town
And it seemed there wasn’t a soul around
If she returned with no explanation, she feared her father’s hand
She wanted to tell everyone about her journey in the spring, but they would not understand
For she had been known to wander from time to time
And upon every return she was treated as if she had done some serious crime
Her last little adventure met with three week’s of quarantine and extra chores
Spending most of her days scrubbing the windows and sweeping the floors
For she was not like all the other little women in her town
Who told someone before they left where they were bound
Just then, a little bunny hopped out of the brush
The little girl could tell that he was in a rush
Right behind him came the hunters, two of them, big and strong
The little girl could tell the race they were having had been long
The bunny ran to her in the hopes of some protection
He did not want the bully boys to make him their selection
The little girl at the top of her lungs shouted, “Halt!”
The men, slightly taken back, stopped and said, “It wasn’t our fault!”
We do not want to harm him just retrieve what he stole
He took an injun kid’s music box down his bunny hole
“Well, instead of chasing him and scaring him to death,
The poor little creature is so out of breath
Why don’t you entice him with something else he’d like
For I’m sure, if it be reasonable, a deal he would strike”
The bunny nodded in agreement and everyone was surprised
The music box was soon returned for a basket of carrots, pint-sized
Everyone seemed happy except for the little girl
She looked at the two men sadly, then her story she started to unfurl
“If I return home without a reason or a cause
I’ll be punished once again for my wandering flaws”
The men listened to her story, and one responded with affection
“You just listen to the wisdom of Solomon and you’ll not meet with any rejection”
They didn’t want the little girl to live with fear
So their services they did volunteer
They walked her back to the gold country where she resided
Spoke with her parents where an explanation for her absence was provided
They men told a tall tale about a monster that swept little girls away
Using a beautiful bird to entice and make the mind sway
It was so vivid and well told
That the townspeople were sold
Laughter filled the air
For the great storytelling pair
The father said, “You two should run for sheriff in the election
For it seems we may need some added protection”
The men graciously rejected the offer from the town folks
And went on their merry way, laughing at their hoax
From that day on, when any child went astray
It was the monster of walnut grove that carried them away

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PostSubject: Re: Season 3 ditty   Sun Sep 09, 2007 11:53 am

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Little House Lady
Little House Lady

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PostSubject: Re: Season 3 ditty   Sun Sep 09, 2007 12:50 pm

Very creative! I love how you got all the episode titles into this little story! Thumbsup

"It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures and to be cheerful and have courage when things go wrong."
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PostSubject: Re: Season 3 ditty   

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Season 3 ditty
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