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 The LHOTP Oscar Awards!

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PostSubject: The LHOTP Oscar Awards!   Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:38 pm

Hi Prairie Fans!!! Wave

Do you remember the LHOTP Showdowns? They were fun right? :idance: 🤠

*Well we are now going to be having our very own

We will have different categories and 3 nominations under each category. They will be done similar to the showdowns as each nomination will have 5 stars (points) to begin with. The last one standing will be the winner in that category and then I will post the winner's ceremony.

We will do this for each Season. If anyone has an idea for a category WITH nominations included, please PM me so that I can include it in the game.
I am announcing this here but once we start... they will be posted in the PRAIRIE PLAYGROUND / GAMES section... so don't miss out on the fun!

To give you an idea, here are the categories and nominations I have so far for Season 1. The nominations for the Best Storyline are actually the top 3 episodes from the seasons showdowns we last played.

Again, if anyone has any more ideas (categories/nominations), please PM me before I post the game. The game will be posted tomorrow morning. :)

(Categories/Nominations so far...)

Best Male Performance
* Charles – several scenes (The Lord is My Shepherd)
* Doc Baker – several scenes (Doctor’s Lady)
* Nels – several scenes (Family Quarrel)

Best Female Performance
* Caroline gathering the women to harvest the crops (The 100 Mile Walk)
* Harriett Oleson in Family Quarrel
* Kate in Doctor’s Lady

Best Kid Performance
* Mary in The Award
* Laura in The Lord is My Shepherd
* Laura in Christmas at Plum Creek

Best Emotional Scene
* Men coming together to help Charles stack the bags in “Harvest of Friends”
* Laura & Charles finding each other in the Mountain in “The Lord is My Shepherd”
* The death of Caroline & Charles’s baby in “The Lord is My Shepherd”

Best Kiss
* Doc Baker & Kate (Doctor’s Lady)
* Nels & Harriet (Family Quarrel)
* Charles & Caroline (Harvest of Friends)

Favorite one time character
* Abel (School Mom
* Olga (Town Party, Country Party)
* Graham (Child in Pain)

Best Comedic Performance
* Mr. Edwards’s adventures with Carrie (Ma’s Holiday)
* The competitive spirits between the Oleson & Ingalls (Founder’s Day)
* Mr. Edwards & Grace (Mr. Edward’s Homecoming)

Best Fight
*Caroline & Mrs. Oleson (School Mom)
* Laura & Mary (For the Love of Johnny Johnson)
* Laura & Nellie (Country Girls)

Best Storyline
* The Lord is My Shepherd
* A Harvest of Friends
* Christmas at Plum Creek

Cheer :woohooo:

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PostSubject: Re: The LHOTP Oscar Awards!   Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:38 pm

Sounds like fun, Carol. Bliss I can't wait. :idance:
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The LHOTP Oscar Awards!
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