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 Little House on the Prairie Parody

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PostSubject: Little House on the Prairie Parody   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:12 am

For those of you who enjoyed my Hamster Dance on the Prairie and Horror Recut Trailer Little House videos I made, I decided to upload a video I put together about a month ago as I think a lot of you will enjoy seeing it. To give a little background, shortly after Christmas I was watching some old episodes of DALLAS with a friend of mine. Somewhere during the day we started talking about classic shows and I brought up Little House. Well, he made some disparaging remarks about the show, but when I asked him if he'd seen any episodes he told me he hadn't. Asking what it would take for him to give the show a try, he said, "When it has an opening like that," and pointed to DALLAS.

Well... wish granted. greenS

I decided to edit a DALLAS-style intro for Little House, plugged it onto the beginning of the Little House movie, and he laughed so much when he saw it that he decided to give the film a try. If you've never seen the DALLAS intro, here's a video of one of the openings from that show to give you a frame of reference (I doubt my video will make sense unless you've seen the source material I had to draw from):

Family Guy - Little House on the Prairie from Devon Tracey on Vimeo.

It's cute Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Little House on the Prairie Parody   

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Little House on the Prairie Parody
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