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PostSubject: Kiss   Kiss EmptySat Mar 05, 2016 10:56 am

Has any of you heard of the band Kiss?

I say that everyone has!

I got into their music at an early age, and their music was awesome! When I was about 2 or three, I was terrified of their Dynasty album because of the face that Gene Simmons made. I go that album in Christmas of 1980 and, I didn't want no one in my family to play the record. After hours of giving in, I have decided to listen to it repeatedly over and over again until the record was worn!

When I used to go to a Christian school, they have felt that Kiss stood for: Knights or Kids In Satan's Service but, the band has denied those claims. It doesn't mean nothing, Kiss is just Kiss.

I have seen them in 1996, when they have reunited Peter Criss (left in 1980) and Ace Frehley (left in 1982). The tour was a huge success and, I went to a few more shows years later and, I have stopped because, they don't sound good as they used to.

It's too long to discuss about it!

Any of you like this band?
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