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 Problems in our main forum

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PostSubject: Problems in our main forum   Problems in our main forum EmptyThu Jan 18, 2007 11:40 am

Here is a message I posted in our main forum this morning. I'm posting it here in case you can't access our main forum.


Hi everyone is now hosting the forums that were under ForumForFree (FFF). This is a problem that has been happening in ALL forums. I already have e-mailed them about our problem but have not heard from them. As you can see by reading the link below, you will see we are not alone in this.

Forum Problems

A lot of people are getting the dreaded message below and it looks like many users have become less active because of it.

"Unable to connect to database on 'localhost' with user 'p2forum_forums'
Please check your settings in!"

As you will see in the link I provided, the very last message was from someone in Support and he wrote the following message regarding what to do if we get the 'unable to connect to database message':

"Have them only refresh once or twice, anymore and it will cause more stress to the server. If it doesn't or after the second time, have them try again in a few minutes. If they are submitting a post, then refreshing will double that post. So, there is really no need to refresh, just click the back button a few times, then hit refresh to see your message. The saving your posts is a good idea too.

This is a problem on all FFF servers, and I am in contact with the coders and the techs and we're getting to the bottom of this."


So.... let's hope that they really do fix this problem. In the meantime, please visit our backup forum if you run into any problems here.
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PostSubject: Re: Problems in our main forum   Problems in our main forum EmptyThu Jan 18, 2007 2:56 pm

Right now I can't even access the main forum.

Problems in our main forum Horses10
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Problems in our main forum
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